Access to Music Manchester: VIP Launch

Access to Music Manchester: VIP Launch


Music Box, Jilly’s Rockworld, Rafters, Fagins; Performances from Depech Mode, Joy Division, Sade and many more, the building that now houses Access To Music’s Manchester division is unarguably steeped in a rich broth of musical history.

The centre replaces Trafford College’s former Manchester Music Base on Newton Street and Access to Music’s own centre at the former Cutting Rooms studio in Crumpsall. Many of the staff previously worked at the Manchester Music Base. Having been purpose built to create tailor made spaces including five rehearsal rooms, a full size recording studio and a dedicated performance space, it was with great delight that we got to attend to the VIP launch and see what all the fuss was about.

A warm and welcoming atmosphere greeted us the instant we walked through the door, with impressive architecture and melodious notes emanating from the entrance to the college it was with glee that MR ventured forth.

Finding the source of the lovely melodies I am informed that Ed and Em; two students and partners, having met through the college; were performing later and this was just a taster of what they were to offer. A lovely peaceful acoustic guitar rings out surrounding Em’s harmonious singing with sophistication and elegance.

Reluctantly, with the music being so good, we continue to the basement area and the main set up of the centre. Champagne thrust into our hands, we're am invited to have a wander around before the speeches and performances begin.

They are thoroughly impressive, the walls are spattered with previous students accomplishments ranging from TV appearances to record contract signings. Even better, as we bimble over to the rehearsal spaces they are crammed full of fantastic equipment offering the best they can to all their students, Marshall and Fender amongst them.

After speeches, held in the editing space complete with a full IT suite, in which you can feel the love that every single person has for the college, their passion and dedication shining through, the performances begin.

Featuring past and present students; Islands, Lizzie Jane, Aimee Taylor, Simone Jones and Janine Fagan the line up of talent is impressive.




Located in the heart of the city, close to Oxford Road Station the college boasts courses to develop your musical skills by joining a national network of music lovers The students, the tutors, everyone loves the music, honing their skills to offer a centre specialising in music and music alone to enable devotion to the skills needed.

From level one “Skills Through Music” to level 4 “Artist Development” there is something for everyone, you like music but not on a practical level…not a problem!

Music business courses and a comprehensive Level 3 Creative Media Course is also available for your learning pleasure.

And if you don’t believe us, they have an open evening coming up. on Wednesday 29th April between 6-8pm you can have a tour of the centre, talk to staff and students and have the opportunity to apply online, with no formal entry requirements and courses assessed through practical projects rather than exams, what have you got to lose?

Still not convinced? Ok, how about a Taster Day? Wednesday 27th May between 10.30am-3pm where you can have a fantastic day of practical media and/or music-making activities and what is more it is all free!

For more information and to book a place check out this little link and have a nosey around the website whilst you are there.

Words: Kat Hilton

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