P.O.D, Hoobastank & Alien Ant Farm @ Academy 2

P.O.D, Hoobastank & Alien Ant Farm @ Academy 2


“What fresh hell this?!” I hear you cry! “Are we back in the year Two Thousand and fucking Two?!” You scream in dismay. NO! is my answer, you beautiful idiot! They’re back! They’re all bloody back! Well… some of them have left or been replaced because that’s just how it goes with some bands but I’m getting off subject. What’s important is the SONGS are back! These three bands all had a place in the charts when they first surfaced and it turns out their fans still love those songs just as much now as they did when they were first released upwards of 13 years ago and this sold out show was the proof. Due to a change in stage times for reasons I’ll explain later, P.O.D were up first...

P.O.D were never been a band I was massively in to so I didn’t know what to expect going in to watch their set. It turns out they’re pretty damn good live so I’m glad I caught them. Not being that familiar with their back catalogue, I wasn’t sure which were old songs or new songs but they were all blended in to the set quite nicely, with a good mix of different styles thrown in to break it up. I can definitely see me catching another one of their shows. Plenty of energy and groove which is never a bad thing!

Hoobastank followed, as originally planned, and they didn't disappoint. I have a little more background knowledge on these guys as I was a fan of their first album but I never really paid much attention after that. It turns out they’ve gotten a little more melodic and a lot more progressive! They played a flawless, energetic set with plenty of old and new songs in there, and even broke in to a TOOL song during one of their own! I doubt anyone saw that one coming but it was a nice surprise. I could easily have seen them headlining the night if it wasn’t for…

Alien Ant Farm. As I mentioned earlier, there was a last minute change to the stage times. P.O.D were originally meant to headline the show with Alien Ant Farm opening. Unfortunately they had some car trouble and were close to pulling out of the night completely until they had some luck and managed to get back on the road and would arrive in Manchester just in time for the headline slot.

I think the stress of almost missing the show may have had an affect on them though as the set wasn’t the tightest it could’ve been. But come on, give them credit. They’d had a pretty trying day they still managed to make it by the skin of their teeth to bust out all the favourites!

Even though I knew about it in advance, I was sad to see their old bass player wasn’t with them. Being a bass player myself I was looking forward to seeing that silly bastard show off on his 6 string, as I’ve seen in the past and which he’s well known for. This new bass player was more than capable but just didn’t bring quite the same fun to the show.

All in all it was a fun night and I was pretty drunk by the end. Made it to the door just in time to be sick on all of my friends too! How we laughed. Well.. I laughed. They haven’t spoken to me since. Better luck next time, eh? Never mind.

Words: Rob Sutcliffe | Photos: Cai Dixon



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