The Winachi Tribe Interview

The Winachi Tribe Interview



I remember it being 2009. For me, there was no other noise in my head but Slayer and quotes from Skins. Until one day, at the tender age of 14 years old, I was transported up a big, funky tube filled with silky basslines oozing with the call of Parliment and the P Funk movement, with the flow and energy of Grandmaster Flash and covered in what I can only describe as 'Heavy Madchester vibes', being dumped at the feet of the source of all this noise. The noise would be reffered to as 'D Funk', and the band would become The Winachi Tribe, who by 2015 are ready to explode...but the bands frontman Liam Croker doesn't need me to tell you that. I had a chat with him ahead of TWC's upcoming single Time For Love.

So, first of all. For anyone new to The Winachi Tribe, tell us a little bit about yourselves as and history of the band.

Liam: “The Winachi Tribe’ is a kind of Electro Funk Rock N Roll collective. Once went by the name of China White but some nasty drug association and copyright issues due to the name put an end to that. Hence ‘The Winachi Tribe’ was born January 2015. The rest they say is history”

Has there been one major aspect in particular creating all this opportunity, a change in the band, or outlook? Or is it simply a culmination of your work?

“It’s a culmination of years of hard work. Having good management and a good team around us, working with people we know and trust. Getting rid of a few dead weights…and believe me there’s a few of them about. Obviously being a fuckin beltin band helps. We could only go so far as China White, being in a band who’s name is street slang for Heroin can have it’s limitations. All the graft we put in as C.W has come good for ‘The Winachi Tribe’. If you think of the transition in terms of the adult movie industry…We’ve gone from being the coolest stunt dick in town to a full blown porn star in a matter of months”

There's a new Winachi single coming out. Tell us a little bit about it, where do you guys find the influence and subjects of your tracks?

“We have a single due for release the 20th July. The single launch is at ‘The Water Rats’ in London the 18th July. I can’t say to much as we’re waiting for the label to make an announcement over the coming weeks about the release. But yes, Winachi’s debut single ‘Time For Love’ will be out late July. Our good friend Keith Allen Co.Stars in the video for the track. He plays a very camp older version of myself, which was brilliant. Inspiration can come from anything. Life’s amazing and constantly churns out the unexpected. If it doesn’t inspire you in general, never mind in a song writing context then you must be already dead.”

As you've proven with Yeah Fool and other tracks previously, you guys have an ear for finding yourselves remix tracks. Can we expect any this time around?

“We have a few remix’s done of ‘Time For Love’. Danny Saber’s done a mix, also we have a U.S mix of the track done by Corney Mims & Tommy D from ‘Death Row Records’ their mix features ‘Crystal Blake’ who was ‘Young Mc’s singer. Inder’s son Raj and Dave Dunn from Leeds have done a really cool smoky mix of the track too. Not sure in what format they’ll be released yet but we’d like to get them out later this year.”


Winachi 2


Do you guys have any personal favorite bands you've played with we should check out?

“Jessie Rose and Sly Digs are the two artists/bands I have a lot of respect for. They’re both brilliant at what they do and are totally driven and focused on where they want to get too…which is great to see. They’re both career musicians and deserve success. If I had to choose any current artists it would be those two.”

In your entire time as CW/WT, what's your favorite memory/experience of the band since the start?

Liam: “I couldn’t pick one experience. We’ve done what I’d consider to be some pretty amazing things and have met some amazing people along the way. Met some massive bellends too who’ve also played they’re part in the journey. It’s just a huge pleasure and honour to be a part of something that means so much to me. Although it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and sacrifice…playing and making music isn’t a real job is it? It’s something we love doing. It’s something we just feel the need to do. It allows me to be myself and express myself. It stops me from putting on a tie in the morning.”

What can we expect from the future of The Winachi Tribe?

“We have shows booked all through the year. We’re playing some big festivals and arenas with The Happy Mondays, Primal Scream, Tinnie Tempah, Echo & The Bunnymen etc. Got a great year ahead of us. Obviously the record coming out this July. We take each day as it comes. That’s the beauty of being a part of this, you’re never sure what the next day could bring. At the moment the present is treating us pretty well.”

As Liam said, the band will be playing Manchester at the 'BI9 Weekender' mainstage alongside Echo & The Bunnymen, Peter Hook & The Light, Happy Mondays and many more. You can catch them at Events City on Saturday 16th June.

You can keep up to date with The Winachi Tribe:

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