UK Foo Fighters Release Charity Single

UK Foo Fighters Release Charity Single


In The Clear  


Every year thousands of music fans are denied the pleasure of seeing their favourite bands live. Disability, ill health or personal circumstances prevent them from accessing a computer, public transport or going out amongst crowds to enjoy this rite of passage.

In a bid to remedy this situation, UK Foo Fighters (tribute band), fronted by Dave Grohl look-alike, Jay Apperley, recently recorded their version of Foo Fighters’ track In the Clear, from the Foos’ 2014 Sonic Highways album.

And in an unusual move for a tribute band, they will be releasing the song on iTunes this month, with all proceeds going to Bristol-based charity Given to Live and the Leeds Music Trust, a music charity supported by homegrown superstars Ricky Wilson and The Kaiser Chiefs.

The aim of both of these projects is to break down social barriers and offer disadvantaged youngsters access to live music and musical skills.

Jay says, "Foo Fighters recorded In the Clear at Preservation Hall, New Orleans in 2014. Dave’s inspiration for the song was the music history of the region and the people of New Orleans, their community spirit and their recovery since the catastrophic Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

"This project is my way of celebrating our local music scene but more importantly, of helping others to access live music."

Jay, from Harrogate, knows what it feels like to have long-held dreams come true; he was given the chance to sing with the real Foos at Brighton Concorde 2 on September 10th of last year.

"When Dave Grohl invited me to front his band last September, in front of the world’s music press, he changed everything for me. He didn’t have to do what he did, he knew he was making my dream come true. I’d like to do the same for thousands of less fortunate people if I can. With this iTunes release, maybe we can make the dreams of music fans all over the UK come true – just like Dave did for me’

Tom Pugh, founder of Given To Live, adds, "For the charity to be recognised in this way shows me how important what we do is. I have so much respect for Jay and this project means that we can really move the charity up a level, helping more and more vulnerable people enjoy live music."

UK Foo Fighters cover of In the Clear (under artist name ‘Sonic Motorways’ due to iTunes regulations) is now available to pre-order on iTunes

More info about the project can be found at

Check out the Foo Fighters discussing jamming White Limo with Jay in Brigthon below.

The band play Holmfirth Picturedome Saturday, May 30th



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