Bigfoot & GrassRoots @ The Boulevard, Wigan

Bigfoot & GrassRoots @ The Boulevard, Wigan



On the anniversary of your first gig, how better than to celebrate by coming home to headline a phenomenally good show with support from a pretty damn good support act?

With the launch of their EP a few months back, Bigfoot gained a die-hard fan from the start; I loved their riffs, the vocals, the lyrics, the drums, the everything. With that classic rock vibe that just doesn’t quit to the immense live performances, they can do no wrong. Making their mark as they gain popularity and fans including being featured several times on local radio, it looks like it is all on the up and up for these lovely lads. And I couldn't be happier for them.

First up, GrassRoots, a new one for me, they are a local rock band from Wigan. An unsigned band, they formed in 2005 with music covering many genres including indie, funk, soul, heavy metal to name a few, all the while maintaining a strong core of classic rock influence. With a 45 minute set to fill, they covered everything from punk to 70’s rock vibes. Confident in their presentation they were professional, fun and showed the beginnings of something special as they performed with ease; their talent shining through.

Impressively they restricted themselves to just the one cover, the Nirvana classic Where Did You Sleep Last Night? However as well as it was played, I was more impressed with their cool, calm and collected original work. (Against) The Slaves Of The Ordinary has an underlying T-Rex vibe that is appealing without being overpowering and it was the stand out track of the night for GrassRoots, leaving me wanting more. So much so that I shall shortly be reviewing their brand new EP, and I look forward to it.

And so we move on, Bigfoot, a firm favourite of mine, they have gone from strength to strength; with a hectic gigging schedule it is no wonder that for these guys this Bank Holiday performance was three of three for the weekend. Travelling the country to come back and blow the crowd away with another stonking performance, one that is fast becoming their trademark.


Bigfoot 2


With effortless ease, they begin, after faithfully promising me an immense amount of riffs and Bigfoot swagger; I was not to be disappointed. Just Like Me kicks off the show with a bang, impressive from the off, they deliver more of what I love about them; smooth, slick styling and riffs by the metric fuck ton.

Tie Me Down continues the set, a punchy, upbeat number that is almost a lighter in the air moment with its chanting chorus that holds strong throughout. The dirty grinding guitar work, louder and more impactive in person is a real crowd pleaser. Flashing a bit of Bitch Killer pleases me immensely, and I am not the only one, the duelling guitars and the thumping drums enrobed by Ellis’ growly vocals- perfection on stage.

Come Down My Way a slow, acoustic little number flecked with a country vibe, imbibing the song with just enough melancholia to haunt the listener without killing the buzzing atmosphere they have built. Not to be outdone, the likes of Room 64 and Blame It On The Dog make an appearance, new to me, they are slotted easily into the set, more kick arse, soon to be Bigfoot classics for sure.

The Other Side of Paradise initially closes the set, the huge, face slapping, riff monster of a song with Led Zep influences clear yet uniqueness remaining. It is an out and out hit. The guitar solo is drool worthy, the adrenalin soaring, thrumming drums all wrapped up with screamy vocals. Bliss. And yet, we cannot get enough, encouraging the guys to play one last song, they delight us all with a classic cover. Purple Rain. And it was phenomenally good, yes it was a cover, but it was done with such style and grace that temporarily the original became overshadowed as they guys stamped their Bigfeet all over it.

Leaving the stage, drenched in sweat, smiling, laughing and joking, you know that they had as much fun as everyone there. They are just fantastic. I could wax lyrical all day long to be fair but nothing I can say will cover what you all, every single one of you, needs to here. They are a fantastically good band, they create a cracking atmosphere and the interaction they have on stage as well as off it shines through. True brothers in arms as well as kick arse tunes.

Words: Kat Hilton Photos: Neld9 Images

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