Breed 77 @ Rebellion

Breed 77 @ Rebellion


Breed 77 Rebellion  

Mick Birchall and Phil Weller binge on beer and riffs at Rebellion as Gibraltan metallers Breed 77 come to town


Mick: Another Saturday night in Manchester, at one of the best venues, Rebellion, for some hard rocking heavy metal action. With some flamenco thrown in of course.

Breed 77 are one of the most energetic and characterful touring bands at the moment. They always have an entertaining show planned and tonight they were joined by three hard hitting local acts.


Mick: Well the local speed metallers once again invade Rebellion and they were glorious. Their riffs were tight and their onstage chemistry was great, firing up with some incredibly tight guitar skills with some brilliant drum work and awesome bass grooves. I found them instantly enjoyable and they put a smile on my face. They just made me want to air guitar the night away.

Their songs are well constructed and interesting, it's new music but with that flair of the familiar. Looking around I wish the crowd would've been a bit larger. Yet, beggars can't be choosers and I'm sure the band were happy with the size of the crowd. They were an awesome band and I hope I get to see them again.


Well these guys were fun. These brutal metallers lit the stage on the fire and left it all on the stage. A fantastic performance to say the least. I'd heard about these guys in recent months and I have to say, they lived up to their hype and I was thrilled with what I got. The singer was energised and really got the crowd going. The band just created an awesome noise that was enveloping and interesting. Their riffs were tight and the execution of the songs was great. All their songs were well structured and the set flowed pretty naturally. In short I thought Icon were fun and interesting. If you ever get a chance they're worth checking out.

Phil: Now, call me a cynic but for me, as enjoyable as their set was, there was just a little something missing. Defining what exactly that something is exactly is difficult however. They have a good thing going on, there are some great, driving riffs and Phil Anselmo styled sandpaper vocals. The rhythm section was as fat as could be but when it all came together I felt something extra was needed to tip it over the edge. A band with real promise for sure, it’ll be cool to watch this band grow over time, especially with their new album due for imminent release.


Mick: These emphatic rockers stormed the stage, much to the delight of everyone. Seriously, the crowd went absolutely nuts. I can see why, they were absolutely dominant. With a brash stoner metal-ish sound they blasted into a thunder of noise that was glorious. I mean I immediately fell in love with this sound. I had never experienced this band before and what a rush it was to see them. They were so energetic in visually stimulating. Their personality matched the intensity of their music perfectly. They just rampaged the stage of Rebellion and the crowd were so into it. The energy in place was infectious and since I'd had a few drinks (unprofessional I know) you can bet I partying too.  Incredibly fun band and another brilliant opening act for the night.

Phil: Ah man, what a fucking band. Mick has twatted the nail on the head there. The riffs were sumptuous, swinging like an elephants balls and just as heavy and hairy too. This was stoner rock at its finest and the fact that they have, not just a fantastic frontman on both vocal and entertainment levels, but they are all a tightly knit unit of solid musicians and performers. It was just so fun and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. Proud to call these one of Manchester’s own.




Breed 77

Phil: Speaking to Breed 77 last year, the band told us that “flamenco is the blues of Spain,” and so the native tonalities, emotions and grooves are innate within their musical minds. They cross-bred those flamenco sounds with a brazen metallic approach, draped it in melody and anthemic qualities on the commercial smash that was Cultura and it’s from that opus which they draw much of their set from.

Mick: It's been just over a year since I last saw them and I was raring to see them again. Let's say this: They didn't disappoint, not in the slightest. The flamenco metallers hit Rebellion with an onslaught of brilliant catchy tunes and a fantastic stage presence. They were certainly firing on all cylinders and the crowd fed off of the energy. There was such a mix of people, some fans a little more intrigued with the night than others.

Within minutes there was a moshpit and people dancing, it's always a fun time with Breed 77. The sound was actually pretty good and  I could hear every band member quite clearly. The guitars sounded great, both electric and acoustic. Also the drum work was fantastic for the night.

Phil: They opened with a quick fire bout of Individuo, the riff getting arses moving and its heavy and uplifting duality was the perfect way to make their presence known.

Mick: Paul Isola, was a charismatic and exciting front man, working well with the crowd throughout. He just seemed to be so into what he was doing and he clearly loves his fans. Songs like Insect and World’s On Fire popped and got the crowd in full voice. Yes this was an awesome gig with great tunes, and great company.

Unfortunately I had to leave a little early to to public transport but for what I saw this was great set.  It was a good mixture of their material and a really well put together show.  If you missed this show then you missed out on one the best live bands going at one of Manchester's best music venues.

Phil: What more can be said? The atmosphere in Rebellion was sizzling, the culmination of a buyout crowd and a band firing on all cylinders. Naturally their now timeless cover of Zombie was a late highlight, The River heartfelt, sorrowful and poignant. Danny Felice was at times ravenous with his solos.

Cultura was a massive album but to the casual bystander it was a mere flash in the pan, the unique blend of flamenco and metal – done so authentically – a passing trend. Watch this band live, see the faces on the crowd, the adrenaline injected musicality blaring at loud volumes and you’ll realise this band has so much more to give. Cultura was a massive album but there’s much more to them than that. An superb evening.

Words: Mick Birchall & Phil Weller


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