Why We Love: Primus

Why We Love: Primus



The first time I heard Primus I thought I was going to be sick. Not because I hated it but because I was so angry that I hadn't heard of them sooner! Their bass lines are the reason I picked up a bass in the first place. And even more so, the reason I switched to a six string and started talking with a slightly southern accent (It doesn't get you laid but you get in plenty of fights!).

They're one of the strangest and most fun bands I've ever come across. And I've listened to a lot of weird shit. With album names like Frizzle Fry and Sailing The Seas of Cheese, you just know you're in for a bit of an odd journey. And they deliver every time. If you haven't heard them yet, grab one of the aforementioned albums and get ready to give your brain a rinse. If you have heard them, carry on. You're doing just fine.

With the release of their latest album, Primus and The Chocolate Factory (yep, it's a concept album based around the original film score from 1971), the trio have been shimmying their way around Europe, the U.S. and beyond to bring us all this incredibly strange sound that they're all so famous for. Joining them is the "Fungi Ensemble", two extra guys adding cello and extra percussion in to the mix to build on this already bizarre atmosphere.


Win tickets!

Primus bring their chocolate factory to Manchester Apollo next Wednesday, the 24th of June and we have one pair of tickets to give away for the show. just head over to our Contact Us page and tell Phil why you should have the tickets. Bonus points for Primus fashioned weirdness.

Please note that the tickets will be waiting for you on the door of the venue so when entering please give your full name for guest list purposes.

Words: Spadge Fafner




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