The God Complex Interview

The God Complex Interview



As part of the Manchester Rocks gig at the Retro Bar we sat down with each of the bands to have a quick chat and find out what they are up to.

First up was Greg Dixon who is also a writer for Manchester Rocks so this was like turning the tables on him (revenge is sweet so they say). He also plays guitar with The God Complex so I started off asking him how he felt about playing this gig:

“It's cool, it's been a while since our last gig. Connor our drummer has been pretty busy with Uni but we're getting stuff back together for our EP, Death Harmonic, and it's good to finally get it rolling because we are looking at releasing it in Manchester and it is good to get back on the Manchester scene. And it's cool to be doing this gig with Sky Valley Mistress and the other bands. It’s good to be here.”

So when do you planning on recording of the EP?

“It is recorded! We’re just doing the final bits and bobs, getting the product sorted basically and getting it ready to release, sorting out the party like I said, we are having a big circus themed party around October with a few special treats in and a couple of other bands.”

Is there a venue so for that?

“Not yet, we are going to confirm that as soon as we can but literally everything else is set, we will be throwing the release party at the end of October, the EP has been a long, long time coming and we are just excited to get it out!”

Were you premiering some of the material this evening?

“Tonight they were all songs on the EP and we have been playing them for a while, but tonight was the first time doing them all track one through to track five, no oldies, no extensions, no jams or covers and that was it start to finish.”

After the EP is released are you planning on doing a tour?

"There will be no solid tour but we are going to gig the shit out of it, many, many dates. The next release will be built on the following we get from this release.”

How are you finding the market for your music?

"After relocating to Manchester it has got a lot better because there is a better scene going on here. It's a lot more accessible here than it was in Warrington and all two venues that we had between all the acts there. There are a lot of bands like Lunar Marauder and Dirty Flowers who’ve helped us out. We are really liking the way people are reacting to us around here. The scene here in Manchester is really opening up for us, we've been together a while but because we were so young we weren't expecting to be playing to 10,000 people, we are still not. Definitely being where we are and doing what we are doing is what we want to be doing finally.”



I'm pleased for you, I really am. Everyone wants to make it, don't they? So do you feel that the music you are making is going to take you there?

“There is always going to be a market for it especially with Royal Blood coming through, the people are paying attention to heavier bands or psych based bands. So for people it is coming full circle. We have had all the EDM and repetitive loops, beats and David fucking Guetta for the last 15 to 20 years. I think people are finally getting bored of it and people are looking for some raw guitar music, whether it's folk, whether it's heavy stuff, anything like that. There's not so much a gap but there's going to be a market for it.”

Real organic music…

“Yeah, especially with the kind of passion we put into it. A lot of the saturation came from young bands who were expected to fill a 10,000 seater. You can pay for 10,000 likes on Facebook but those 10,000 people aren't going to pay you for anything. I've gone completely off track now…”

No, not at all, this is something that other struggling artists talk about…

“Don't start a band if you want to make money and have a sustainable career.”

It's always been that way to a certain extent…

“Yeah it's just recently that the way the music industry has gone and the way the economy has gone, if you go to go into it to make money it is just never going to happen until you have sweated, bled, dribbled and seizured every last drop you've got, and finally somebody might go ‘you know what I'll give you a fiver for that’. We figured we'd done 20 to 30 gigs in the few months before we took a break to finish Uni and other commitments, we had ended up with broken noses and broken nails! We signed with Century who are a music publisher and we earned £32 for those gigs, and we get that next April! Even when the EP comes out we’re going to be losing money.”

But it is an investment…

“Yeah, but as you lose the money you gain the traction. It will be worth it in the end. What's a couple of hundred quid when you have people telling you that they appreciate what you're doing. The money doesn't matter for a long, long, long, long time. It would be lovely to get a £10k pay cheque every week with someone over you shoulder saying ‘I am going to take 20% of that but you are going to make a load of money ’.

I'm sure you'd appreciate £10K in a year!

“I'm not sure whether this £10k thing came from. There's a guy who came up to as before who is telling us this is the grassroots and to take your time; I liked that, that's better than 200 quid for a gig really. You're going to spend that 200 quid on getting home, and band stuff, and the EP, and a cheeky pint or two! The 200 quid will go in days, but you've got that support. As long as we can keep gigging and keep recording as we have been like, any other band, that’s the best thing really that we can hope for.”

Thanks go to Greg Dixon of the God Complex and we will keep you posted about their EP launch gig which we are sure Manchester Rocks will be involved in. Keep up to date with what is happening in their world via their Facebook page:

Words, interview & photos: Anthony Firmin

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