Matt Grocott & The Shrives Interview

Matt Grocott & The Shrives Interview



As part of the Manchester Rocks gig at the Retro Bar we sat down with each of the bands to have a quick chat and find out what they are up to



Matt Grocott & The Shrives have been stirring things up a bit and making a name for themselves, and they were a more than welcome addition to the line-up for the gig. After a blistering set we had a quick chat and I asked them how they felt it went:

“Well, we are pretty knackered today” responds lead guitarist Josh Horsfall, “as we played a gig earlier today in our local town Grantham so little bit tired driving up to Manchester. So it was basically a practice this morning for the gig this evening, and it went alright!”

And now you have a three-hour drive home…

“It’s about two and a 1/2 hours and we will have a few breaks” says singer Matt Grocott, “but I like these small venues better, they are more intimate. We have only played Manchester once before and that was last year at SoundControl and it was nice to see Cai again (Cai is part of the MR team), it was a good gig it was fun.”

There seems to be a bit of a resurgence of that raw rock 'n' roll sound…

“We've played with a lot of bands, and I know this sounds like a big ego, but we’ve never played with a band like us, it's always been like an indie band or something” explains Matt. “We are kind of like in a middle section where we want to play a bit punk and then it goes into a Johnny Cash kind of vibe and then it goes into a Green Day vibe, Libertines, ska, we just go everywhere with it. It's more fun like that.”

What have you got planned in terms of touring? Have you got many dates coming up?

“We are playing in London on the 18th of August at a place called The Social, its on Oxford Street. We are doing a headline gig so that will be pretty cool for us” continues Matt. “We have played London a lot this year”. Josh interjects “we have played London 10 times this year.”

Obviously it's the centre of the music industry and is not too bad for you to get down there from Grantham…

“It's not as far as coming to here” says Matt.

And what about recording plans?

“We've got an album that was recorded in California and produced by Green Day’s Billy Joe Armstrong and we still haven't released that yet” explains Matt. “We have streamed four songs online and released a music video for a song called ‘When Did You Get Home?’ but we are waiting for the right person to come along to give us that platform to release it properly because it's got Billie Joe Armstrong on, and he's a big name, and we don't want to waste it by putting it out there randomly and hardly anyone will hear it. So we want to build that up as much as possible. There are a lot of people out there who haven't heard of us and haven't heard of what we've done last year so we still have that opportunity to put it out there so people can hear what were doing.”

All things relating to Matt Grocott & The Shrives can be found via their website

Images & words: Anthony Firmin 



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