Pulled Apart By Horses Interview

Pulled Apart By Horses Interview



Greg and Cai Dixon caught up with Pulled Apart By Horses guitarist  mainman in the sunshine of 2000 Trees Festival 


So you've been touring the Blood album and are now on the festival leg of that tour, what festival so far has been your best experience?

Well, at the moment, we started last month, and we've only done about four and we've got about another eight to do now. So we're doing loads now, we're basically doing it every weekend. We played one last weekend in Coventry called Godiva Festival and it was one of those unexpected big crowds, sexual moments. We had never played it before and we got there and were like "wow". We did the main stage and a few people turned up you know, so that was great.

What is it you'd say you prefer about playing these festival type gigs to doing your own shows?

Well, they're two totally different entities aren't they so they're both completely different. I guess the main thing with me for festivals is the weather, festivals don't usually happen in winter do they, and normally we tour in winter or autumn or beginning of the year. So when summer comes festivals are outside, that's the beauty of it, playing outdoors and soaking up the sun.

Where are you most looking forward to playing after 2000 Trees now?

Well, the second to last festival of the summer is Leeds Festival... We had to pull out of Leeds last year because out bassist got ill just before we went on stage, so they invited us back this year, just to play Leeds, and we're headlining the Thursday night, which is like the first night where all the punters get down. SO yeah, we're looking forward to that the most because it's Leeds, it's home. We really felt gutted about having to pull out of our slot last year so this is going to be a special one. We're making up for what happened!

During your set, what do you look forward to playing the most?

*laughs* Urm, it's probably High Five. We tend to do it last, but at festivals, I always think that people are putting more effort into our sets, and are more drunk and stuff, or are on drugs, so when it gets to the end of our festival set, people are going to be pretty tired because of the heat and stuff. But when we pull High Five out at the end, everyone seems to wake up, like an alarm clock. And yeah, it kinda kick off, so I'm looking forward to that the most. Just for the record, don't do drugs *laughs*

Like I say, you have a lot of fun during your sets. It goes from crowd surfers to Spandau Ballet. What is your favourite memory out of the festivals you've played so far?

Oh my word, that's a really great question actually. Urm, I think probably the first time we did Reading Festival we'd not done any of the other stages other than the BBC introducing one, so it's quite small... And then we did the NME tent and opened up the Reading Festival on the Friday. Back then we were just kinda like "Oh yeah, just a festival, a few people might turn up", and we were behind the curtain and Steve Lamacq introduced us on stage, and we walked out onto the stage and there was like Ten Thousand people spilling out the tent, and as we walked on we hadn't looked so we was just like "oh shit!", total fear and panick. Then we started playing and it was just the best thing ever to happen. See, I'll never forget that because that was out first taset of a biggish crowd, well a really big crowd!

So we have one last question before you go do your set. If you were stuck at this festival for the rest of the weekend but you can only take three things with you, what would you bring?

I would say, it's gotta be a phone, I'd bring that... And it's gotta be alcohol, hasn't it! No it should be wate... No yeah, Alcohol!! SO I'd bring my phone, alcohol and then I'd try really hard to bring my dignity  as well *laughs*. But that might be pretty hard by that point.

Right, well that's it, we'll leave you to go play your set and we'll see you there!

Thank you, amazing!



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