Breaking Waves Interview

Breaking Waves Interview



As part of the Manchester Rocks gig at the Retro Bar we sat down with each of the bands to have a quick chat and find out what they are up to


Breaking Waves are a bit of a favourite band at MR. Their CD was positively reviewed as was the gig they did as part of Battle Of The Bands at the Hard Rock Cafe in Manchester. We asked bass player extrordinaire Phil Ireland what he thought of the evening:

“We’ve watched every band, it's been great” says Phil.

I have to admit your performance tonight was really good and the album really translates well in a live setting

“Do you think it comes across as good as the album?” asks Phil.

Oh yes, absolutely…

“That's good, that's what we need to know really! We really enjoyed playing, massively. It was just nice how it filled up gradually and we held the crowd so that's all you can ask for really on Saturday night.”

Are you getting a lot of gigs at the moment?

“We are, mostly in London” continues Phil. “We've got a guy who is supporting us in London, booking us shows so we going to keep going down to the big smoke, not too much because you don't want to over saturate it but we like to keep everyone happy up North by doing gigs around here and in the Midlands. The sky is the limit man, we will play gigs anywhere to be honest with you. Book us on the moon, we will go there!!”

Obviously the album has been released, how do you feel it has fared with the reviews etc?

“The reviews have been good and get the ball rolling for people to hear it more than anything, people that wouldn't normally hear it. Some people go off reviews and some people don’t” explains Phil. “So I got the album out to a few friends, to a few reviewers that I know and see what they made of it. And then try to get it to people little further afield who I don't know and you get more of an honest opinion really. I think it's been well received but more than anything I am just happy that we are selling albums independently and we are making all the money on them, which is great. It makes it easier for us to keep the dream alive.”

Do you have plans to do more recording?

“Oh yeah, yeah” Phil quickly responds. “Next year I'm thinking of something. I have pretty much written the second album now. We have started jamming one or two songs already. The writing process is I write the songs and bring them to Adam.”

“I have the only say in it” explains drummer Adam Darwen, “it’s up to me whether it works” to which Phil just laughs! “You get the best out of creative freedom” continues Phil, “he is an awesome drummer so we just bash it out and try different ideas. He will suggest something and he might be like ‘that bit doesn't sound that good’ that is how you work, and this approach worked with the first record. With the second record Adam hasn't really heard much yet and we should see how it goes. I'm not rushing anything, I just want to enjoy playing this first one. We've not done that many gigs yet.”

It is great that you're getting down to London though, it's the sort of exposure a lot of bands want…

“It's simple really” says Phil, “just get down there and start playing a few gigs. Some bands get caught in the bubble and the really just need to get outside that and do it. You're not guaranteed anything in a band these days, you just need to go and enjoy playing music.”

The advantage you have is that your material is very individual and very striking aurally. You've got clear sound, clear vocals and this will appeal to quite a lot of people who perhaps aren't into the heavier stuff, the older classic rock and prog crowd, not that I'm trying to pigeonhole you…

“We just want to play in front of as many people as possible because there's always going to be people who don't like it but if you play in front of as many people as you can there will be people who do like it and that's who we are playing to at the end of the day, bums on seats. Actually we don't want bums on seats, we want people rocking out, that's what we want!” concludes Phil.

Breaking Waves new album Move A Mountain is out now and can be purchased via their web site


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