Sky Valley Mistress Interview

Sky Valley Mistress Interview



As part of the Manchester Rocks gig at the Retro Bar we sat down with each of the bands to have a quick chat and find out what they are up to


The last time I saw Sky Valley Mistress was at the Thirsty Schollar which is under the railway arches on Oxford Road, a gig that didn’t start until almost midnight so I ask them how the touring is going?

“We've been to a lot of different places and done a lot of shows” explains lead singer Kayley ‘Hell Kitten’ Davies. “In March we got a support slot with The Cadillac Three so that kept us very busy. They are a band from America whose support dropped out and lucky for us we jumped on and we had a very busy seven days. It all rolled into one, they are from the south of America so they can drink. We had to show them that the North of England was just as hard drinking as the South of America is.”

“It was like our first proper official tour and they were drinking every night, it was the perfect initiation” according to drummer Maxwell Harvey William Newsome III.

If you really want to go on a drinking tour, The Answer are the band to go with, they are really hard drinkers,

“I will add that to the to do list” says Maxwell.

Do you have any recording plans at the moment?

“Obviously an album will be in the future” responds Maxwell, “but how soon, we don't know. People say all the time that they will plan an album for the summer and then it's not ready till the year after. But before that there will be other music that will be released, we are planning on doing a single that will definitely be out before the end of the year and we plan on doing a special limited release. It might be really cool vinyl or it might not be but it probably will be.” And Kayley agrees “there is no point in setting a date if it's not going to be right, let it take its time.”

What sort of touring plans to have coming up?

“Just more dates. The tour never stops it just gets a new name, you know what I mean? We just book shows after shows and if we've got something out we’ll just name something after it” says Maxwell.

I am really looking forward to the show this evening after the problems last time…

“We had some proper crap kit then” explains Maxwell before Kayley jumps in accusing bass player Russell ‘Russell’ Russell “it was your bass that broke! But we are now bigging it up that we have our own gear now, but that's a bad omen right there.”

However, Russell has the last word “if it does go wrong tonight I don't know what we are going to do!”

Words & Interview: Anthony Firmin

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