Cassette Interview

Cassette Interview


Our roving reporter Anthony Firmin caught up with Adam and Al from Cassette after their gig at Night & Day in Manchester to find out what's happening in the world of tape out on the streets of Manchester

So how did the show this evening go for you?

"The sound was good, the turnout was good, and the ‘Scruff of the Neck’ guys are amazing blokes. The vibe was brilliant too” says Adam.

“Can I borrow a lighter? Sorry…” says this young lady who comes up to us with her cigarette.  “Just join in the interview” responds Adam!

This is so bizarre, even the sound guy wanted to be in the interview before, the problems we face trying to record a conversation out on the street in Manchester… “I'm really, really sorry.  You are having an interview?” the girl chips in again and comes closer to the recorder, “I am really, really sorry! Thank you for the lighter,” everyone laughs.

So what other gigs have you got coming up?

“We are playing at the Salford Arms on 27/9 as part of Salford Music Festival” responds bassist Al Blackmore, “and that at the moment is all we have got booked in.  We are recording on the 20th with Sugar House Music and we're just going to see what happens after that because we've never worked with producers before so will see how it goes and what happens happens.”

Do you know which song you are going to record?

“We have an idea” says Adam, “we recorded the set tonight so we can show the producers all of it so they can choose to see what may work best as they may have a better idea as to what to do than we do which is fine, we are open to it.”

How have you found working the Scruff Of The Neck Records?

“They have been an absolute pleasure” says Adam delightedly and enthusiastically, “they are great guys and it's been a pleasure from start to finish.  It's nice not to have to do a pay to play gig.”

Are people still charging to play gigs?

“Yeah.  This is our first non-pay to play gig, it really is” says Al.  “We have been gigging for over a year now and this is it, our first non-pay to play.  I hate ‘pay to play’ with a passion.  But it's two levels of the music industry, if you pay to play you'll get loads of gigs.  And then there is the real side where people will put you on because you're good and they are completely different things, and it's taken over 17 years of playing for us to realise that.”

Manchester Rocks is starting to put on some gigs now so hopefully we will be picking up you guys in the future. 

“I did a gig with Sky Valley Mistress a few weeks back with ManchesterRocks and it was really cool” chirps in Al.

We had another Manchester Rocks gig at the Rebellion bar last night and it was really good, the stage is great, the sound is great and they are so pro-rock…

“Yeah? Cool! I am booked in there with Blast Tyrant at the end of November” says Al, talking about his other band.

I ask Al about the gurning guitarist in his other band…

“He is the only member of the band other than the drummer not to have a mic, but drummers shouldn't have mics. Phil Collins is a prime example of that!” Everyone falls about laughing.  “It was something for him to do instead of singing, so we just gurns the shit out of everything!  But he is the person who drags people into the gigs, he really does, the girls love him!”

Words & Inteview: Anthony Firmin

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