Henri Herbert - Wired EP

Henri Herbert - Wired EP


cropped-HenriHerbert1b2 Ex-Jim Jones Revue ivory tinkler Henri Herbert has released an EP containing five pieces of classic rock’n’roll of varying styles.

The main track on the EP is Pocket Venus which sounds like it just dropped out of the 1950’s. It is a fine piece of Elvis inspired boogie, simply dripping with class, close your eyes and it sounds like the man himself singing. In complete contrast Your Leaving Me is just Henri and his piano, a slow slice of melancholy, sounding a little like Tom Waits.

Its back to the 50’s boogie for Fallen Star, an ode to a once famous musician or actor who has fallen due to beer and cocaine but desires to make a comeback like Mickey Rourke but die like Errol Flynn.

Gumshoe is slightly different again with a modern electric piano at the start before jumping into rock’n’roll. And finally there is another slow number but accompanied this time, the self questioning I Don’t Know Where I’ve Gone. Interestingly on this Henri is sounding a little like The Wall era Roger Waters!

On this little gem of an EP Henri is backed by Tim Purkess on bass and one of his old JJR bandmates, Nick Jones, on drums. Overall this EP shows that Henri isn’t just a rock’n’roll piano player but that he can write interesting and sensitive songs that deserve to be heard. Personally I love the EP and it makes a refreshing change.

Elvis may have left the building but Henri Herbert has arrived.


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Amazon http://tinyurl.com/p99ec4g

Itunes  http://tinyurl.com/neq4r8j


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Words: Anthony Firmin

Manchester Gigs 4-5th December

Manchester Gigs 4-5th December

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Local Noise: PSYBLINGS, Fear The Fallen & Brave The North