Void Interview

Void Interview


We discuss toilets, heart attacks, toilet activities, tribute band names, more toilets and even allow the keyboard player to speak! It can only be the VOID interview!


We are sat discussing Barbara Hermit who hit the stage and are currently playing after Void’s prog metal set whilst waiting for the bands spokesperson who seems to have trapped himself in the crapper…

Oh the bass

We’ve hit the Brown zone and it just falls out

You are sat on the shitter, you hear that bass and your like uurrgghh

Like a pelican releasing a baby to quote our editor, Phil Weller, a Manchester Rocks highlight right there.

Personally, I didn't know what to say to all of this, I am just trying to keep some level of decorum but my time is obviously wasted. My thoughts turned to interviewing the bass player or the keyboard player, the later had just given us cracking solo on his Keytar.

Fuck the keyboard player was one comment.

You don’t want those two piped up Mr Weller before he became absent again.

We can talk about Rick Wakeman and prog and shit says keyboardist Charlie Powell. Rick had three heart attacks in his 20s and I've not had one yet. I am 23 now so if have one at 24, another 26 a third at 29 I'll be on a plan!

One of the band then volunteers to go to the toilets to find the mystery man. I suggest we can hold the interview in the toilets but we would need writer Paul Cooke to do that as he has a propensity for taking selfies whilst taking a dump, usually in Grand Central! Talking of which, back to the keyboard player…

Being older than these guys I grew up listening to art-rock, prog-rock and the likes of Keith Emerson and Rick Wakeman so I am on solid ground here. Charlie mentions Rick’s Six Wives album it's just amazing that one guy could compose something so long as that or Journey To The Centre Of The Earth with all the parts in, just incredible. But when you're a keyboard player in a band like this you just have to hold back, if I was to do Wakeman style solos all over the place it would just ruin it.  I disagree, but who am I to argue otherwise.

This is supposed to be Mr Weller conducting the interview but he still seems to be absent even though he was present. So I continued asking the band their thoughts of this evenings show:

We loved it responds toilet inspector and guitarist Danny Thornton who has just been rescued, it is the first time we've played when there has been smoke machines etc., just incredible.

The band formed in Huddersfield where they were all at University but it transpired that they were all from Manchester so it has worked out perfectly for them. Everything great comes from Manchester one of them pipes up, nothing great comes from London, it's all shit. The guy who cracked the Enigma code was from Manchester, the microchip was from Manchester, the Bee Gees and Oasis are from Manchester. Okay… a good way to alienate potential southern fans!

I ask Danny about recording plans. We're going to try and get a couple of tracks recorded before Christmas time for release in the New Year. We've already got three tracks recorded so we are going to try and combine it into a five-part EP. We are going to be recording in Huddersfield at Vibration Studios who have been absolutely excellent, they get what we want the sound to be like. The studio is a pub, albeit a converted pub but sadly no alcohol was left behind.

Manchester Rocks highly esteemed editor, Phil Weller, finally returns to the present, butts in and takes over the interview… oooh, an EP, an early Christmas present. Are you guys still practising at the Old Market Tavern? Yep, that grimy old practice room, it suits us perfectly and I love practising there. Have you seen the Prognosis logo on the wall? Yeah, we need to put ours up in the shape of a sheep crapping on Prognosis! Or we could put ours through yours and get a triple word score. You bastards!!

How did you come up with the band name? I wrote an Opethy nine minute demo and I called it Prognosis because it was kind of proggy, a play on the word, and then we just kind of rolled with it. For us originally we were called Red Shift but we quickly grew out of that name, we just thought it was a bit shit really. Every name we had had a sort of negative association, Red Shift becomes Red Shit, Void becomes Avoid… we want it to be a name journalists can use easily so if they don't like us then they can call us Avoid.

We came up with it because when we were trying to find a new name the first song we did was Dive Into The Void and we were all at my house in Huddersfield and Matt came out from the toilet shouting WHY DON’T WE BECOME VOID? so we got the name from then on, we all loved it.

Talk us through that monumental shit then. Well, it was a piss actually, I was just standing there and we've been talking about it so we just went with it. It just sounded right to us.   This is very important, can you clarify piss or shit? It was a piss, a steady stream, I remember it well.

I interject that you, our dear readers, are all relieved to hear this, to much groaning from the band. It was solidified was the response.

The ex-bassist drew up the logo which is the one we use right now and after he made it it was like we are definitely Void now. The name Prognosis was a joke at first but then we got a mate to come up with some logo ideas and every time we mentioned it to somebody they said it's a good name for a prog band. We played with Ascent the other week and we swapped sets so people didn't know. I spoke to someone at the bar and they said that first band Prognosis were really, really good and I was thinking do I say that wasn't Prognosis or go for a few more FaceBook likes. When we were doing a gig in Huddersfield we saw our logo on a poster for the first time and we thought yeah, that looks cool. Maybe we'll change names again. Indecisive bastards!

The conversation moved into coming up with names the tribute bands – Daft Spunk, Ebenezer Bad, Grand Fuck Railroad, Plink Ployd, it is Mr Weller’s own stupid tribute band project. Tribute bands come out with the greatest of names, maybe we could come up with our own tribute band – Avoid Us! A tribute band of yourselves? Yeah, a parody.

To be serious though, we are just hoping to get the name out there more getting us more followers. As we have brought out more songs the momentum is definitely there which is great for us. The more gigs the better it is for us. We will gig anywhere, we love playing live. We're going for the more songs more gigs mentality.

How does it work with the songwriting process?  How do you tend to work as your influences are all over the place, a little bit of Sabbath here, and a bit of Deep Purple in it? I think it speaks true to us a band, we've got crossovers in what we like, similarities but we also branch off into our own music genres that we enjoy and that comes out in the band a lot and it goes with the songwriting process. Someone will start playing a riff and then we will just start adding our own input into it so it ends up being a bit of a mixed bag. Our set in general is no two songs are really the same and that's what I like about us.

Turning to keyboard player Charlie Powell, Phil asks him about how amazing it is when he puts on his Keytar. It's quite stressful really because half the time it never works at which point we are interrupted by a barmaid…

Hi I am Jess and I work at Rebellion and the bands here tonight are really fucking awesome so read ManchesterRocks, love you all!

I can’t top that says Charlie.


Interview: Mainly Anthony "Sober" Firmin and with interjections from Phil "Absent" Weller

Photo: Anthony Firmin



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