Voodoo Blood - Interview

Voodoo Blood - Interview



It might seem crazy what I'm about to say....but Voodoo Blood are HAPPY!!


Voodoo Blood have just finished their set at Rebellion Manchester and the sound engineer has just said he was very impressed with them. And if he is impressed you know you must be doing something right as he has to deal with a lot of bands on an almost daily basis. Considering they only came together a few months ago it is an even more impressive feat.

Although headliners RavenEye were announced sometime ago Voodoo Blood were last-minute additions to tonight's shenanigans, they were only contacted about a week ago. Will, the man who hits stuff, explains they approached us and said did we want to do this gig and we went yeah.

We will jump at opportunities says guitarist Sean who jumped into the conversation, and what we want to do is play live and get our stuff out there. We are just writing whatever we like, we are just jumping on it. We had tunes we played tonight that were written yesterday, we are just going for it we are just doing whatever we want. Fortunately for us people are jumping on board and wanting to be a part of it.  And I have to admit their set this evening was impressive.

We just get on our instruments and play and Kim sings what she wants and for some strange reason it seems to work and people like it says Will.  And Kim is one hell of a singer too, she has a mighty impressive set of lungs set within her sleight frame.

The new song, Jet Black, has a bit of a Led Zeppelin feel to it and is the song they wrote yesterday. We all love Led Zeppelin exclaims singer and guitarist Kim with lots of mutual nodding and grunts of agreement. Sean interjects we really appreciate the way they would just jam, they just take the tunes and just jammed which is what we do and see how it all fits together.   You get that natural chemistry, we don't think too much about anything he continues in his Liverpudlian accent, you can hear the product of all our influences and I couldn't be happier. I haven't been as happy in all my life. As long as we all love it we will just keep carrying on.

We've always had that chemistry straight from day one, we've always just clicked says Kim.  For pretty much all the parts, we just do it, we don't discuss it we just do it which is exactly what you'd expect a drummer who hits stuff hard to say.

We got really lucky last year and played a gig at the Royal Albert Hall in London with the Music For Youth Proms says Sean again, excitedly. His enthusiasm is palpable there were thousands of people there and we had an amazing time we weren’t at all scared, we just did it, we buzzed off it. When you play to a crowd that big you know you can do it anywhere. As long as people throw us the opportunity we will just go for it. All of our influences played there too – Led Zeppelin in 1970, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, BB King, we are dropping names now of all these people we know and love and they all played there. It was very humbling really.  Very humbling says Kim.

Considering their enthusiasm for playing live we move onto the subject of upcoming gigs and again Sean drives this part of the conversation we've got loads of gigs coming up, we got booked tonight someone just asked us to play a show on 13th March here, we are playing Tuesday Live at Joshua Brooks. We are also playing Verve Bar, Leeds on 20th February.

The band are also heading out to a school to show children some music being made and to get them on the music bandwagon. I can't wait to do that, we've been given some really excellent opportunities and we are just jumping on it. The fact is we all just love what we do says the guitarist again.

We move on to the subject of recordings.  We have recordings out but we don't think they are representative of what we do and where we are up to right now. Obviously we are all students and none of us work that much so it’s getting the money together really says Will.

We are working towards an album this year says Kim, we are going to put it all together ourselves and we are planning that for March or April time so we are going to get recording so hopefully it will be out this year. We are just working on some pre-prod at the moment working out what it's going to sound like, what tracks we want on it. I think Chris should say something, what do you think Chris?


Finally the bass player speaks having been soaking up the atmosphere so far and not disrupting the conversation. Obviously I am the most talented and most handsome person in the band. Or the most beautiful depending on your outlook. Kim laughs and responds his jawline speaks for itself so he doesn't have to say anything, he just looks pretty! Chris continues actually I'm really stupid, they told me before this not to say a word. Sometimes this is the wisest thing to do.

Kim then comes to his defence Chris helped form the band really, I was kind of doing a solo thing Kim Jennett Music which I am still kind of doing with my acoustic music but this is my main thing now. My bassist dropped out at the last minute and I was like I really need a bassist to help me out and Chris just popped up on Facebook. Will goes on to explain how he came to a session and changed the whole dynamic of the band and that he couldn’t now leave although he had been thinking about moving on. They then ended up playing the Royal Albert Hall and things like this for RavenEye making life a lot more positive for the band as a whole. It's voodoo-good suggests Kim to much groaning from the rest of the band.

Back to touring plans: we’d like to get the album out before the festival's because we are jumping on the festival circuit, we are going to smash as much as we can this year continues Will. We are trying to make it our year so we just want to grab it.

To sum it up we are all just happy with what we do says Will as he sits back and relaxes having been quite intense during the interview and everyone agrees about how happy they all are individually and collectively.

You can tell this is just the beginning of great things for a very happy yet determined young band.


Words and photographs: Anthony Firmin



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