Bigfoot - Stone Soldiers

Bigfoot - Stone Soldiers



They bring thunder, they bring noise and they also bring the floods and Ladies and Gentleman I am not just talking in the underwear department once a riff hits; having played in The Bobbin in Lancaster the night before the floods hit even Mother Nature understands the boys’ magnitude.

My stand out band of 2015 are at it again, smashing into 2016 with a rip roaring, classic rock fuelled spectacular that will leave you begging for more. Still in their infancy; Bigfoot are immense, last year saw them perform time and time again, barely breathing between sets yet hammering each one home flawlessly every single time.

A brief little EP with its official launch night on 30th January at The Boulevard in Wigan; this record consisted of just five songs, all showing something different. Consisting of Sam Millar (guitar), Ant Ellis (vocals), Mick McCullagh (guitar),Tom Aspinall (drums) and Matt Avery (bass) Bigfoot combine dual lead guitar, gravel tinged vocals and a relentless drum rhythm to smash out this out and out hit.

Having heard a few teasers and waiting far too patiently in my opinion, their second EP hit my inbox and was immediately blasted out of the speakers, rattling the windows and increasing the flood warnings for the local area…what can I say, a girl loves a decent groove.

First up Stone Soldiers - a slight twist from the guys as the country flecked, Whisky Meyers-esque, intro leads to a stonking burst of classic rock riffs before the inimitable growl from Ant signals some cracking vocals are on the way. Some epic guitar solos and constant drumming make this a true Bigfoot masterpiece. Such a good, toe tapping, head nodding, hip swaying spectacular; and believe me you like the recorded version you will love the live version as the heaviness rings through drilling the ear drums spectacularly.

In The Gutter swifty follows; an instant switch as the inimitable drum/guitar intro heralds the hypnotic lyrical work coming up, one that stirs the imagination to sticky floored pubs, real ale and sweaty bodies chanting away at the front of the stage. Throughout flashes of twiddly guitar work flash through, sex fuelled and dirty in the extreme it chills to a languorous pace showcasing a superb singing voice before ramping it up again with some sneaky drum layering adding intrigue.

Run then ramps up the heavy, thrashing drum work (nicely done Tom!) entwines with the screeching guitars ensnaring the senses; another cracking tune quite simply amazingly well done.

Just Like Me embraces a slightly darker, melancholic intro with a flash of prog leanings before an out and out bouncing effort slaps thee in the face, grunge flecked guitar, swaggering attitude and don’t give a fuck shoutings make this a killer. Melodious and thumping. Listen to it…listen to it now, do not argue.

And finally, Blame It On The Dog is a phenomenal ending to a sadly too short but impactive nonetheless EP. A sure-fire-classic in the making I instantly fell in love with this when I heard it live and the recording does not fall flat. Roaring, full of attitude, crashing drums and some heart thumping guitar riffs including a Hendrix chickawow fill make this an eargasm from the off and a stonking end to an amazing follow up album.

And that my friends is all she wrote, sad to say but that is where it ends, gutted as always to finish listening to Bigfoot cos quite frankly they are ace balls, they are hotter than a hot thing on hot day with chilli sauce and a side of fuck yeah.

Well played lads. Well fucking played.

Words: Kat Hilton

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