Sky Valley Mistress at Gullivers

Sky Valley Mistress at Gullivers

Sky Valley Mistress, Gullivers, NQ, Manchester, 30/1/16  

Sky Valley Mistress have been making waves on the local scene in the North West with their killer brand of fuzz driven rock and roll along with a relentless tour ethic. The band are no strangers to the pages of Manchester Rocks and their single launch show at Gullivers in Manchester meant that they deserved yet more praise for another superb show.

The gig started late due to an incoming coach load of fans from their home town but no-one seemed to mind.  The support bands were all friends of the 'Mistress and were chosen in order to given them support and exposure.  First up were acoustic duo Bad Cardigan who played their own brand of indie and edgy folk songs to an appreciative crowd.  The next band, Good Foxy, are a sort of psychedelic rock'n'roll band with a sound that could be described as fuzzed up early Pink Floyd.  They had a huge amount of energy and really grasped the audience and warmed them up for the main act.

With a sold out show for their first headline show in Manchester the band showed just why they are one of Lancashire's finest bands. The sense of occasion was clear; this was a celebration and the culmination of many months/years of hard work.

Taking the stage to their own track, Blood, Sweat and Blisters, the Darwen based four piece played an incendiary set of their finest penned tracks. Many were well known to the crowd, and those who hadn't experienced the rock and roll of Sky Valley Mistress were left with a raft of awesome music to go away and digest.

The bands set moved from down right dirty blues to ripping fuzz driven rock and roll. The absolute battering ram of the bass during She Is So was completely inescapable in the small confines of Gullivers' upstairs room. Earlier cuts from their career such as My Time Has Come allow the band to get loose and extend their jams into places that never lack excitement. The extended cut of My Time Has Come saw the band veer off into more playful territory with a snippet of Blueboy's Remember Me being thrown in.

What the night was in aid of was for the band to launch their new single, Hell Ain't Got Your Hound. The single went down a treat alongside another new track, Cat Call.

Set closer, Dirty Blonde Blues seems to be the bands perennial calling card closer. It's slow blues swing swishes and sways up to its riotous ending and complete crescendo.

The music of Sky Valley Mistress speaks for itself, it is hypnotically unavoidable. Groove, swagger and a solid belief in their brand of rock and roll will hopefully see the band reach yet further heights this year. What is also great about them is the thought they put into their merchandise. A run of 25 limited square 7" singles were available that came with a message of authenticity making each one unique. The artwork is cool too. This band deserve to be great and as long as they keep making music this exciting, it's going to be hard to stop them should they get their big break.



Intro - Blood/Sweat

Day Of The Lion

Smoke Fairy


She Is So


My Time Has Come/Remember Me (Blueboy cover)

Cat Call (new)

Hell Ain’t Got Your Hound

Dirty Blonde Blues



Words: Dominic Walsh

Photos: Anthony Firmin




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