eySaw, Strain & Silverchild Give Cancer The Middle Finger

eySaw, Strain & Silverchild Give Cancer The Middle Finger


eysaw May 2016  

There’s a certain feeling that goes around at gigs like this.  When people come together for the greater good, there  genuinely is a good feeling in the air.  So, on this night, three outstanding bands came together to raise money for Cancer Research on behalf of you know what?  It was a bloody good night of with some great riffs and some monstrous tunes.


After some time to let the punters get their drinks in and get settled Silverchild get on stage and almost immediately hit their groove.  The Stoke based rockers are a marvel to watch with their smooth bass grooves, catchy beats and fun riffs.  The whole thing sounds wonderful and caught my ears in just the right way. I had missed the chance to see them that last time they were in Manchester but I made sure I got in early this time to see these guys and gals rock out. The riffs were tight and kept coming by the barrel full, all of them had a bit of a bite to them and every single one stood out from the last.

However the bass grooves were the most fun to listen to and Max Ryles delivered in the best way possible.  The production and the execution of the performance was tight and had this fun vibe all the way through their performance.  The soaring vocals left a definite impact in a good way too.  Truly everything came together for them and I look forward to seeing them next time.


The real heavy hitter of the evening were up next and boyoh, what a bloody great set they put on.  Strain were out in full force with the riffs and thundering bass to boot, the noise was immense and the atmosphere from the crowd matched it beat for beat.  The band band were really into it and the crowd were making tonnes of noise for them too.  Being in that crowd and rocking out to them was really awesome and even a small mosh pit sprung up. It seemed like everyone was really happy to see them.

However, I felt a little indifferent to their set.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad but I think a combination of, a lack of sleep, no alcohol and having just worked a full day kinda left me burned out.  If I get the chance to see Strain again I would definitely take it and maybe I’ll be able to really enjoy them next time.  Judging by the crowd response though I would say it their show was a success; the live sound for them was amazing as well.

Phil: I really had no idea who these guys were but, judging from the response their inclusion on the bill got - their first show in nearly ten years or something daft - it was safe to say they are an admired band round these parts. Building on a base of fat and nasty almost nu metal riffs, they executed their set with a real professionalism. Hardened veterans playing hardened music and it shoved a slightly different style of musical pummelling down your throat to help enrich the evening's experience.


Now I always try to get my arse to a show when eySaw are on as they are possibly one of the best riff rock bands Manchester has produced and man did they show it tonight.  Everytime I see these guys they just keep getting better and as the set moved along the boys just hit their stride and brought to Rebellion Bar some tight as hell riffage. The floor was full and the drinks were a flowing as the band kept on bringing those tunes. Once again the sound system in Rebellion didn't fail the band and everything sounded crisp and sharp, highlighting all the best features of their songs. The heavy tones of the guitar and the heavy beats kept the crowd very much entertained the response just gave all of that heavy energy right back to them.  Nicholas O'Brien, ever the energetic frontman kept moving and moshing around the stage like no one’s business - it was a tonne of fun.

Phil: Adnorned in his Prince shirt, for guitarist Jamie Massie this was clearly a set steeped in personal importance for him. He responded by unleashing a side of him I have never seen, guitar wise. The fist time I saw eySaw I recall Jamie being somewhat reserved, leaving O'Brien and his bags full of gusto and energy to revel in the spotlight and steal the eye. Here he was the star of the show for much of their set, confidence, charisma and, all importantly, an astounding musicianship as his fingers flew, emotively and poigniatnly across the fretboad. I've never seen him play this much lead before and, not only was I astonished by the technical ability, but also by the sheer passion in every note, each bend, wail and run hotwired to his soul.

Overall.  I had a good night.  The band brought their A game and so did the fans. Raising about £737 for Cancer Research by the end of the night.  Absolutely outstanding, the metal community giving a firm “Fuck You!” to cancer.

Words: Mick Birchall (two additional paragraphs by Phil Weller) Photo: Paul Nash

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