65daysofstatic @ Leeds Belgrave Music Hall

65daysofstatic @ Leeds Belgrave Music Hall

65daysofstatic are much rarer events these days and tonight’s show, at the Belgrave Music Hall in Leeds, seems to be a single UK show amongst a handful of European and Russian shows.

Words and photos: Anthony Firmin

There is already a good sized crowd to see the debut gig for openers Luna Pines, no point in doing things by halves I suppose!  Initially they are understandably quite nervous but soon find their way playing their rather pleasant ambient and gentle alt-rock.  Things finally got going with the last song and left us on a good high.




Having lived in Leeds I thought I had visited all the venues there but the Belgrave, above an excellent bar it is a cracking place for gigs.  Obviously has been hidden away for many years or I simply missed it.  Regardless, tonight it is hosting 65daysofstatic.

Although this gig is running high on the back of the soundtrack to the game No Man’s Sky, the band is still fighting – their guitarist Joe Shrewsbury broke a rib fighting fascists the previous weekend.  That aside, the band head straight into the show with Monolith from their new album rapidly followed by Crash Tactics.

Retreat! Retreat!, surprisingly, considering it's popularity, came early on in the set.  Used for the NASA Space Shuttle film, this is a real bruiser of a track and live it is on another level with the volume turned up and the lighting dark and moody (a nightmare for photographers like myself) but it is working so well with the music. 

Although I personally wanted to hear more from The Fall of Math, the set is well balanced and the crowd transfixed.  The deep booming and brooding synths juxtaposed against crashing and delicate guitars thoughout the set - this is not for the faint-hearted, their sound is MASSIVE.

Even though Debutante end's this evening's show, this is not the performance of a debutante band; this performance is pure unbridled passion and determination leaving no-one in the audience disappointed.









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