Spotlight: Revival

Spotlight: Revival


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Sharp, punchy songs with a gritty, distorted punk backbone but an ear for a powerful melody atop the grinding riffs and pulsating drums: This is Revival.

A four piece metal / hard rock band, with two members from Stockport and two from Denton, they've been lurking in the local scene in a myriad of guises as far back as 2008, but only officially became Revival and the band we have before you two years later.

"Our music is a mix of classic 80's and modern 00's metal. We try to keep our music melodic, catchy and easy to listen to, despite adding some scream vocals every now and again," say the band. "2015 will be our busiest year yet."

While a large part of their sound stems from the metalcore scene of the 00s - et al. Atreyu, Bullet For My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold - the quartet are keen to inject their other influences, of which there are a vast array across their music. From the time-bending antics of Dream Theater to the massive melodies of Metallica and Alter Bridge, they are keen to stray from the linear metalcore territory.

Darkest Days, their debut five track EP was a strong opening statement, their melodicism lifting their songs to a new level entirely. Title-track Darkest Days sounds like a blistering Atreyu song, complete with some damn fine lead work and there are many moments of the tremolo picked The Remains that could slot comfortably into Waking The Fallen. As someone engrossed in this scene as I began my own path down musical avenues, venturing forth from the bands my parents and elder brothers had enraptured me with, Revival are a treat to the ears. These are no mere throwbacks however, they sound contemporary, fresh.

"It's amazing thinking that it was released nearly two and a half years ago now," they reflect. "We are currently recording our first full length album and hope to have everything recorded by the end of February. It's been a very long time in the making. We had a very quiet 2014 due to health issues within the band, and writers block hit us many times, hard! The album will consist of 12 tracks and is close to an hour's worth of music. For those who liked the EP, the album is following on from that, but the songs have a more mature sound. We've put a lot of hard work into making the songs as good as they can possibly be.


"Their debut four track EP was a strong opening statement, their melodicism lifting their songs to a new level entirely."

"The writing sessions are always ongoing," they continue. "The album is written, all ready to record minus the odd solo or singing part. But we are always coming up with new ideas for future songs. As soon as we've finished with this album, it won't be long before we start writing for Album number two.

"We are self producing this album at Owen's (Drummer) rehearsal and recording studio, Silver Lining Studios in Denton. We also practice there, it's a great place and a relaxing atmosphere. It has three purpose built soundproofed practice rooms with a studio attached to one, it's the perfect place for us and we're happy to call this place our home! We've had a lot more freedom doing things ourselves, but we may have taken a bit too much time to get things recorded in our opinion. So think we will be considering a producer for future work."

Then comes the killer question to get a true flavour of where this band's collective musical heart lies.

Dream/hypothetical time: You've been invited to provide support for an amazing co-headline gig of two of your favourite bands, who are those two bands and what is it about them you love so much?

"This is where our opinions divert! We've had a hard time thinking of the perfect gig for us. There was a gig back in 2010 where we were all in the crowd watching Bullet For My Valentine, Atreyu and Bring Me The Horizon at the M.E.N Arena as it was called at the time. If we were playing instead of BMTH, that would have been ideal for us. We do respect what BMTH have done in the scene in recent years, but on that night, we think our music would have fit the other two bands better."

A bold statement. Yes, BMTH may split opinions like a hooker splits her legs, but no one can argue against their increasingly monolithic stature. But we like bold and we like Revival.

Words: Phil Weller

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