Be Prog! My Friend 2018 - Day Two: Preview

Be Prog! My Friend 2018 - Day Two: Preview


Once again the second day of the 5th Chapter of Be Prog! My Friend has an international feel with bands from Australia, Norway, USA, UK and Sweden.  And the Saturday 30th June see’s the more traditional side of prog hit the stage at Poble Espanyol in Barcelona.

Again we preview what you can expect to see and hear…


Mr Plini and his cohorts have visited Manchester a couple of times so should be no strangers to readers of this website having played at Satan’s Hollow and SoundControl – the later gig alongside Animals As Leaders.

The soundscapes he creates are light but highly technical with a guitar playing ability that is the envy of many.  His tunes are going to be perfect for the late afternoon getting everyone in the mood for the rest of the show and will probably heavily feature his last album Handmade Cities.

Here is one of his latest tracks, Salt + Charcoal:



Gazpacho, the six-piece art-rockers from Olso, Norway produce music that could be described as "classical post ambient nocturnal atmospheric neo-progressive folk world rock" which just about ticks every prog related box but is also highly accurate description too.

The band have recently released their tenth studio album, Soyuz, which is about being frozen in time.  This is a remarkable amount of output from a band who only put out their debut album in 2003 although they have now been together for 22 years.

Check out the hugely atmospheric Soyuz One for a taster of their style…


Sons of Apollo

Where do you start with a band like this?  Supergroups don’t come much more super than this with a calibre of musicianship that is simply mindblowing with the members of Sons of Apollo being a who’s who of the rock/metal/prog world. 

It would be easy to dismiss the project as pure decadence but their debut album Psychotic Symphony released last year was full of catchy yet solid songs, allowing the members of the band to stretch out their technical skills without becoming exercises in self indulgence – no mean feat

The band performing Coming Home in the studio is a clear indication of what to expect from them…


Steve Hackett

The headline artist on this second day is none other than guitarist Steve Hackett bringing us an evening of ‘Genesis Revisited’, music from what is considered by many to be the band’s golden years, when he was a part of the band.

Steve has spent many years touring playing his old band’s material, incredibly faithfully, last year celebrating the 40th anniversary of Wind & Wuthering playing much of the album live, a joy to behold.

Singing will be prog legend Nad Sylvan whose voice is eerily similar to that of Peter Gabriel so it will allow us to float back to the 70’s and embrace the music of one of the foundations of prog as we know it.

The Cinema Show is considered to be one of Genesis’s classic moments from their halcyon days, intriguing that he has coupled it with Aisle of Plenty



Closing out the festival, again in the early hours slot, are Burst, a progressive metal band from Belgium, and they are guaranteed to keep us going.  Although to the casual listener their sound falls more into the metalcore/post-metal genres, there is a tech-metal edge and odd time signatures that give it a progressive feel.

The band went their separate ways in 2009 following the release of Lazarus Bird, but have been persuaded to reform for the festival.

Check out (We Watched) The Silver Rain from Lazarus Bird

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