The Boston Shakers - Wasted: Album Review

The Boston Shakers - Wasted: Album Review


Words: Anne Estella

First of all, let me clear one thing up - The Boston Shakers aren’t actually from Boston. Originally from California and Toulouse, France, the electronic rock/rap band relocated to the UK a few years ago, where they’ve been infusing rap with heavy beats and scuzzy guitars, creating a well-mixed blend of rock n’ rap n’ roll.

The group, now based in Liverpool, consists of six friends who used to work together in bars and now write and produce music about their shared experiences.  The band released their debut EP ,‘Wasted’, in April and are taking their new material on the road for a seven-date UK ‘Get Wasted’ tour.

The songs focus mainly on the subjects of nightlife, alcohol, women and drugs, giving authentic accounts of the band members’ lives, from both sides of the bar. The music incorporates a multitude of influences, from blues to hip-hop, through to dance and raw, British rock.

The British influence is best seen on the title track, Wasted, which is very reminiscent, particularly in the chorus, of the Indie music that surrounded me when I first moved to Manchester in the mid-90s. The track smoulders with grit and swagger and is my favourite on the record. It tells the tale of a night in the life of a bartender.

Yep that's me behind the bar stripes and stars. Shining bright ladies lighting up my cigars. Taking cash for sour mash.

Last orders half an hour then I'm smoking up all our stash.”

The catchiest track however is the upbeat Best Things, which is about wanting - and if you’re lucky, sometimes getting - all the material objects, fame and fortune you desire, for free. The cleverly worded, captivating rap is sleekly reeled off at speed with ear-catching lyrics and a rapid, hard-hitting rhythm. 

Another great track, All Out, is a very candid and wittily phrased song about the futility of living from day to day - spending all your wages on booze and then waiting all month to get paid, only to waste your money once again on bad habits - and so the vicious cycle continues, unless you’re determined to change your ways…

Oh, and in case you were wondering, a Boston Shaker is a two-piece cocktail shaker consisting of a glass and a metal lid – so now you know!


Band Members:

Lexy P

Ill Will




J Dog


Track Listing:

Ready For You


Body Mind & Soul


All Out

Black Magic

Best Things

Plastic Bag



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Wilko Johnson at Manchester Academy

Wilko Johnson at Manchester Academy

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