My 2017: Chiasmata

My 2017: Chiasmata


Local bands look back on their 2017 and ahead to the future

Words & interview: Phil Weller

For a band that only began in March, Chiasmata have had a busy first nine months. The technical metal act, who have an accessible melodicism breezing through their complex guitar work and rhythms, are closing out 2017 by cranking through the gears. They're debut single, the ten minute long Euphoria, was released in August and has already garnered over one thousand hits on YouTube alone. That has seen them play a host a great shows alongside the kind of acts they aspire to be. Vocalist and bassist Zoe Gale reflects on their 2017. 

Where were Chiasmata at the start of the year?  

Nowhere! Chiasmata began in March of 2017. I think generally, we just wanted to make some sort of mark within the UK tech metal scene, be it socially or musically!

Wat have been your biggest highlights of 2017?

Definitely playing alongside Sarah Longfield at Satan's Hollow in the summer! Also having the opportunity to play Edinburgh and London - it's been an insane 9 months.

You released your first single this year - a nice and short song too. Talk to us about your feelings towards that release and how too have the public responded to it?

Who doesn't love a 10 minute single? We truly love Euphoria and despite it's length, we just really wanted this song to be out and heard and felt. Considering this is a first serious band for the majority of us, we never really had any high expectations for the single, other than fulfilment of releasing a song we are proud of. We've been blown away by the response; people seem to genuinely like the song which is completely baffling and we've just hit 1k views on Youtube with it - it's incredible.

What is the biggest thing you learnt about your band this year?

I think the biggest realisation we've had is the potential of this band and just where we can go with it. We've played across the country and it really is the most surreal thing. The response we get from performing truly resonates that this is what we want to be doing, and we only ever build on that.

Have there been any releases by bands and artists this year that have become a new love for you, or helped breathe new inspiration into your playing? 

I'd say for the guys, it'd be Contortionist, though a consensus of the group would be Leprous. We've seen Leprous twice now and from a vocal perspective, Einar is such a strong vocalist that never seems to show fatigue; his vibrato and falsetto is crystal clear. They've definitely become a band we would love to tour with.

I'd say just the scene we are in is filled with ridiculously talented musicians, that pushes you to improve constantly on your instrument. Through playing gigs too, we get to meet these players, and everyone is so supportive and you always pick up advice or new ways of playing! 

Also gonna throw in that my playing and singing has massively improved just through being with my guys, they are pure talent that have pushed me and continue to push me - they've been a massive impact on me definitely.

And looking ahead to 2018, what do you want to have achieved a year on from now?

A year from now, we'd love to have an EP under our belt, merch and a tour - perhaps a festival. We're dreaming big!

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