Chasin' The Train Debut double 'A' side single Review

Chasin' The Train Debut double 'A' side single Review


Hailing from Dumfries, blues-rock quintet Chasin’ The Train released their debut double A-side single, comprising two original tracks, Whisky Bottle and Exit Wounds, on 27th April.

The band describe their sound as “Blues with Cojones!” and have established a reputation for powerful and dynamic performances since their formation in 2014.

The band lay out their credentials with Whisky Bottle, a catchy, energetic, southern rock song infused with a soulful harmonica and blazing guitars, beautifully bound together by a solid rhythm section. The song tells a tale of bitter heartbreak and the sadness of being left on your own and having no choice but to drink alone.

On a similar theme, Exit Wounds is a laid back song recounting the pain of being jilted by a lover who’s run off into the arms of another. The harmonica is more prevalent, permeating throughout the track as if to keep us company on this lonely journey. A mournful, classic blues lament with strong, emotional vocals and a rousing guitar solo, this is honest, authentic, classic southern blues.

Both tracks were recorded and produced by Dave Miller at Circa 16 Sound Recording in Dumfries, with the band recording live together in order to capture the raw feel of a gig in the studio. 

The songs have been road-tested at concerts and festivals since they were first recorded in demo format in early 2017, proving so popular with audiences that he band decided to make them their first release.

The double A-side single is now available on iTunes, Amazon and all major online music platforms in digital format, as well as on streaming sites such as Spotify.

Chasin’ The Train are on the right track and are recommended listening for blues rock fans everywhere!

Band members:

Howlin’ Bob Clements (Harmonica, Backing Vocals)
Tom Cuddihy (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar)
Jason ‘Moon Drummer’ Little (Drums)
Peter Jamieson (Bass, Backing Vocals)
Rory Nelson (Guitar)

Check out their Facebook page:

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