Crimson Star 'Bay View' EP Review

Crimson Star 'Bay View' EP Review


 Words: Anne Estella

Birmingham-based alternative hard rock trio, Crimson Star, released their sophomore EP ‘Bay View’ at the end of January, having worked on the record last year with esteemed producer Romesh Dodangoda.

The five-track EP begins with The Pragmatist. The opening line  “I would tear the skin from the bone, just to feel you…” packs a real punch and instantly provides the listener with a vital clue as to the dark and brooding nature of the music that follows, along with the gritty, honest lyricism contained within it.

Second track La Prom is characterized by a grungier, guitar-driven rhythm, resplendent with mighty hooks, deep groove and ferocious riffs. Once is subsequently introduced by way of a vibrant drumbeat, swiftly proceeded by dirty scuzzed-up riffs and some serious swagger. Shaw’s vocals are at the same time intense and effortless.

Euthanise Me is a sultry, steady-paced song with sombre, stoner-rock undertones. The choruses explode into life with thumping drumming and rich, powerful vocals. Closing track Gimme Some presents a heavier soundscape, punctuated by screaming guitar solos and fused with emotive lyrics.

Reflecting influences such as Muse, Queens Of The Stone Age and Royal Blood, Crimson Star are big voice and big guitar, with the rhythm section providing a solid backbone to every track. Whilst they haven’t necessarily created something groundbreaking with their new material, it is nevertheless a really good quality, classy record that shows huge promise and the makings of a band with a very bright future.

Crimson Star are:

James Shaw, guitar and vocals
Ross Edgington, drums
Roj Ash, bass

Track listing:

The Pragmatist

La Prom


Euthanise Me

Gimme Some

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