DEAR SUPERSTAR - Interview With Micky Satiar

DEAR SUPERSTAR - Interview With Micky Satiar

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After a six-year hiatus, Manchester rockers DEAR SUPERSTAR have returned determined to reclaim their place on the music scene, which previously saw them tour internationally with the likes of Papa Roach and Buckcherry, as well as perform at major music festivals. Their acclaimed third album ‘Damned Religion’ was released shortly before the band abruptly ended their punishing touring schedule in 2012. We caught up with singer Micky Satiar to find out what the band’s plans are going forward.

DEAR SUPERSTAR haven’t toured for six years, why have you taken such a long break?

It was never intentional to take such a long break. Our touring schedule was pretty gruelling and we hit it so fucking hard with partying and travelling, we lived in a bubble for seven years! We had little concern for our wellbeing or the damage it was causing to those in the “real world” back home. We were on a downward spiral and desperately needed a break. We stopped in 2012, with the intention of a two-year break – we didn’t even make an announcement! A few of the guys started new bands and I started concentrating on my acting career. Deep down though, we always had a blind and wild ambition to do DEAR SUPERSTAR again. Fuck knows how, but we managed to get it together!

Has DEAR SUPERSTAR changed its lineup, sound or direction since 2012?

Ben now lives in Ibiza and Benj is super busy with Eagles Wings Tattoo in Blackburn (Check out his work, he is so fucking talented!) I was recently in a film called Gentleman’s Club and sparked a friendship with Steve Kilpatrick who was working sound. We recorded the title track for the movie with Nick Roe on drums and we gelled instantly. They’re just as stupid and debauched as we are, so they fit in perfectly. We have a brand-new track and music video coming out next month called Wake Up, which is darker and more mature than our previous tunes. But we plan on writing a new record soon and I’m sure we will get back to our roots!

It’s been a decade since the release of your first studio album, what does it mean to be marking that milestone with a hometown show at the very venue where you inked a deal with legendary rock label Demolition Records and Los Angeles agent Dan DeVita of TKO?

It means the world to us. When we announced the return of DEAR SUPERSTAR, we honestly didn’t think anybody would give a shit! But within a week, we were offered a Manchester Academy show and a main stage slot at Hard Rock Hell.

Manchester Academy 3 has a special place in our hearts. It was the first venue we ever sold out and is ground zero for where the whole DEAR SUPERSTAR rollercoaster started. Without that venue and the fans that have filled it, we would have never got our break. Manchester is such an incredible city, we’re so proud and fortunate to call it our home.

You released a music video for the single Last Rites on 12th November, what is the song about?

Last Rites is about the internal struggle we all go through. The anxieties, fear and conflict I go through to be a better person. We have all made mistakes in life - Last Rites is all about letting them go and moving forward. The video depicts two versions of myself meeting the guys and how making the wrong decision based on emotion can have tragic consequences. If you look closely, I even manage to squeeze out a tear!

Are you planning on releasing a new album soon?

We don’t have any direct plan or schedule for the new record. DEAR SUPERSTAR have never played well with timescales or deadlines. We will be starting to write tunes from January, so when we have something worth hearing we will put together a new record. We have to come back with some bangers this time.

As a Manchester-based band, what do you think of the local rock and metal scene right now?

Honestly, it has always been the best scene in the world. We’ve been around quite a lot and I have never been in a city anywhere in the world where I envy their music scene over our own. The heart and soul of Manchester can be heard in every tune by every Manc band. We have been departed from it for almost seven years and coming back after all that time – nothing has changed! It seems to have welcomed us back with open arms!

You recently turned to social media in your search for up-and-coming bands to support you at your comeback show on 16th December – what made the bands that you ended up offering support slots to stand out from the rest?

I believe we have you to thank for that!! We wanted Manchester bands to open for us and thanks to people like yourself loads of amazing bands reached out to us for a slot. It was so humbling to see so many bands interested in sharing the stage with us, but better still was the quality of music! It was such a tough choice for us, but we fell in love with Midnight Drive’s tunes and had to get them on the show. The New Breed’s tunes are fucking badass and we loved their Manchester music video too. But on top of all that, both bands are fucking grafters! We also have the incredible Chasing Dragons on this show, we love them to death - they absolutely slay! Check out the video for Like Gravity, it’s so good! We looked at each band’s touring history and it’s clear they’re all cut from the same cloth as DEAR SUPERSTAR... I can’t wait for the after-show party at Big Hands with them!

Are any more UK shows in the pipeline?

We have a main stage slot at Hard Rock Hell with our good friends Buckcherry and Dee Snider, but that’s the back end of 2019. Next up will be a tour for Feb/March 2019, so we will keep you posted on that! In the meantime, all eyes are on the Manchester Academy show on 16th December 2018!

What’s ‘the dream’?

We’ve always said that as long as we have the ability to play live music, the dream has been fulfilled. Based on that, the past six years have been a nightmare - but I guess nightmares are dreams too!

Catch DEAR SUPERSTAR’s headline show at Manchester Academy 3 on 16th December, where they’ll be joined by special guests Chasing Dragons, THE NEW BREED and Midnight Drive!

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Band Members:

Micky Satiar - Vocals

Adam Smethurst - Guitar

Stew Milton - Guitar

Steve Kilpatrick - Bass

Nic Roe - Drums


 You can watch the official music video for Last Rites here:



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