DeeVer - You Need This: Album Review

DeeVer - You Need This: Album Review


Words: Anne Estella

It takes a great deal of chutzpah to name your debut offering ‘You Need This’, or maybe DeeVer, who only formed in 2017, just knew they had something a little bit special on their hands. The modern rock quartet, fronted by Wil ‘Billy’ Taylor (ex-Inglorious) and comprising bassist Phil Appleton, drummer Higgy and guitarist Stevie Stoker, have poured influences of hard rock, heavy metal and punk into ten melodic, hook-laden tracks, whisked with a generous pinch of no-nonsense British attitude, and vigorously blended until smooth, ready to be served piping hot on 1st February 2019.

An early highlight is provided by gritty opener, Fire At Will, heavily laced with gargantuan riffs and squealing solos, before All Come Running captivates with its notably Muse-esque tones. It’s immediately apparent that this album exudes an honesty consistent with a band who have put their heart and soul into its creation and production, and as the head-turning tracks start to come thick and fast, I’m thankful that straight-up, no bulls**t rock ‘n’ roll is still ruling Britannia and steering the UK towards a secure and vibrant future, sonically at least.

Another standout track can be found in the punchy Alright - brimming with oodles of raucous riffs, striking drumbeats and an intense, swaggering wall of sound that manages to take everything to a higher level. Deeper into the release, a bruised and beautiful Parachute doesn’t let raw emotion sap any of its energy, delivering a powerful, guitar-driven composition with a tender, heartfelt vocal underpinned by fierce drumming, ensuring that the song’s never lacking in strength or edge.

As Only Enemy unfolds, I can imagine it having been composed by Ginger Wildheart, but there’s a distinct whiff of the Foo Fighters at play here too. The call-to-arms track, whose opening line is “Filter the truth, design a you and hope you satisfy them all”, begins a brutal commentary on the harmful effects of the Internet and social media and how the post-millennial generation is plagued by a diminished sense of self-worth, induced by the need for constant online validation. A far cry from when rock bands used to sing about their indulgently toxic lifestyles, speaking out about the pitfalls of our increasingly faceless high-tech society has become the new rebellion.

Standout tracks keep on jumping out and towards the end of the record, We Are, lies in wait, ready to pounce! An explosive, repetitive chorus forces its way into your head as the fist-punching melody swells and sucks you in, marauding your senses and holding your eardrums captive. I Am The Cavalry closes this epic debut with staccato drumbeats and an aggressive slap of groove-fuelled choruses, putting to bed a sizzling album that houses a melting pot of classic influences, yet manages to stay fresh and relevant.

It only takes one listen to get completely swept up in this album and by the second spin, I already have it pegged as a new staple in many a record collection. How apt that ‘You Need This’ should be released on the eve of Groundhog Day, because come 2nd February, I have a feeling you’ll be reaching to play this little gem again and again and again and again…

'You Need This' was recorded and produced at North Red Studios, Darlington and Parr Street Studios (Tony Draper: Inglorious) and mastered by Nick Watson.


1. Fire At Will
2. All Come Running
3. Alright
4. Back Down
5. Waves
6. Parachute
7. Only Enemy
8. We Are
9. Jim
10. I Am The Cavalry


DeeVer is:

Wil ‘Billy’ Taylor – Vocals / Guitar
Phil Appleton – Bass / Vocals
Dan ‘Higgy’ Higgins – Drums
Stevie Stoker – Guitar / Vocals


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