Dollie Demi: Interview

Dollie Demi: Interview


Words and Photos: Anthony Firmin

Prior to their recent performance as part of the Fiver event at The Castle Hotel in the heart of the Northern Quarter, we sat down to have a chat with Dollie Demi who seem to be popping up regularly with their newly settled line-up. 

Chatting with them it soon becomes obvious that there is a natural chemistry between them which is the most important for any band. 

There have been a couple of changes to the band since we saw you at SONDER Festival in the autumn:

[Demi] There’s two new members, there is Gabby our drummer and Mia our bass player and it’s all going well with us.

Was the International Womens Day event the first one you played with this new line-up?

[Demi] We did MMTV the day before with Dave Sweetmore and Georgina Robinson and then when it came to IWD that was the first proper gig.

I thought the show went really well but I was freezing there, I don’t know how you were?

[All] Oh my God…

[Demi] I was soooo cold, I was absolutely freezing especially in that backless jumpsuit, I was like ‘how am I going to cope with this?’ but we did it…

And you did it really well too, it was a really well organised event, they just need some proper heaters in there!  New music… what have you got planned for us?

[Demi] At the moment that is what we are working on, we have recently been writing and we plan on releasing songs this year, we don’t know if we are going to do an EP or a single, we are thinking about doing both as we are going to work extremely hard.  We have come up with a new song but we are not going to play it tonight, maybe next month.

So everything appears to be gelling together nicely and you are having fun…

[All] Definitely

[Demi] Yeah, of course, definitely this one (points to Mia)

[Mia] Definitely have fun on stage.

[Demi] Especially with her bottle of wine.

Or off the stage as you play in the audience…

[Mia] off the stage is also fun, I just like getting in the crowd and jumping around, having a bit of a laugh.

[Demi] we played at Jimmy’s the week before and that was incredible, thought it was so good.

It’s a really neat place that is run very well…

[Demi] the sound is incredible.

[Ella] best sound I have had at a gig, when we did the soundcheck I was like ‘YEAH’, they did good, no complaints.

How would you describe your sound?

[Demi] I would describe it as punk pop with garage rock and a lot of people have said that, when we supported Dream Wife back in October at Gorilla and that was put in the description and we do agree with that as few people have also said the same.  It reflects the sort of music I listen to which is punk, pop and garage rock.

I was trying to think who you reminded me of and it has just dawned on me that it is Lena Lovich from the late 70’s…

[Demi] Thank you – I love it when someone says something about my voice as it’s never really mentioned.

[All] {giggles and laughing}

Everyone is always so self critical of themselves, never seeing themselves in their best light…

[Demi] I see myself more as a songwriter and a performer than a vocalist, I was never a vocalist before I went to BIMM and I studied song-writing.  I can remember in my first lesson “I am not singing” and they made me sing and they put me in a band and it grew on me.

Lets talk about your performance, you are quite a visual person up on stage, not only in the way you move around but in the way you dress as well, trying not to be rude, but at the moment you are dressed like you are wearing all the tinsel from a Christmas tree…

[Demi] I am usually like a Zebra, or a Christmas Tree or…

All you need is some fairy lights to set it off…

[Demi] I know, wrapped around my hair buns. I like to dress, err, this is me! I have to tone it down for day-to-day, but if I had a choice I would probably dress like this everyday, I do like it!

And the outfit you wore at the IWD gig was quite dayglo…

[Demi] Yeah, it is also about us having fun.  We take our music seriously but people think we are not a band to take seriously.  It is serious fun and I want the band to enjoy what we are doing as well, I want the band members to be involved.

[Ella] We all mates having a good time and it is nice for that to come across onstage as well.

[Mia] We are all musically trained, we all go to University for music, it’s not like we do it for ‘a bit of a laugh’.  Even with the theoretical side we know what we are doing and are not just dancing about not matter how many mistakes you make, we kind of know what we are doing [all laugh].

[Demi] I have a degree in songwriting having graduated two years ago, the other girls are still at Uni.

Well I have seen you a couple of times and I have never noticed any mistakes, how do you feel it is all coming together?

[Ella] I feel like it is, I joined last summer.

[Demi] Yeah, and I had to break the news to her that we were supporting Dream Wife at Gorilla and she was like “this is going to be one of my first gigs with you guys and I am supporting Dream Wife”.

[Ella] I hadn’t really gigged much before so I was like argh, but now we have gained Gabby and Mia it is like a little family now. 

[Demi] I feel we gel more as a band now too, you know when everyone is passionate about something then it makes it more of a team effort, more willingness. Last time it didn’t feel like that.

[Ella] Other people have other commitments and that is sound but we were at the point where we were going to push things and that is what we needed so the others have gone off and done their own things.

[Demi] We have been gigging almost every week since March.

[Ella] It is hard to turn them down but you don’t want to miss opportunities but you’ve also got to watch what you are playing.

[Demi] We have had to cut some down though as we want to release things.  We want it to be perfect and we need to sit down and think about releasing instead of thinking about gigs, gigs, gigs, gigs, gigs every single week.  There is nothing wrong with that but we do need that other time too for the releases.

[Mia] There has to be a good balance.

What about upcoming shows?

[Demi] We have a few gigs coming up, on the 15th June in Liverpool at Jacaranda, we are headlining that – it is being organised by Pop Music, and a few others we cannot announce just yet as it is still waiting to be announced, hopefully next week.

And with that I let them get ready for their performance of which you can read the review here:

You can catch Dollie Demi at:

9th May, Night and Day, Manchester

15th June, Jacaranda Club, Liverpool (Headline show)


Dollie Demi’s Social Media:


Finally, here are a set of images from the International Womens Day event at Alphabet Brewery…



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