The Fullbug – Black Hole Syndrome: EP Review

The Fullbug – Black Hole Syndrome: EP Review


Forget everything you thought you knew about Israeli music, because The FullBug are about to blow any preconceptions you may have had right out of the water! In the same week that Israel won this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Tel Aviv-based hard rock quartet The FullBug released their debut EP, Black Hole Syndrome. As well as being playlisted on several UK Internet radio stations, the EP’s opening track has enjoyed repeat airplay on Planet Rock in recent weeks, becoming the first Israeli band ever to be featured on the station’s New Rock Show.

Produced independently and mixed by Daniel Brecher, the EP comprises four hard-edged, riff-heavy tracks, starting with Blood Bath, a feisty song that exudes powerful, raw emotion. If white-hot guitars, razor-sharp drums and ear-catching hooks are your thing, then you really can’t go wrong with this kickass opener. It’s deliciously dark, deep and heavy and it reminds you exactly why you became a rocker in the first place.

Second track Natural Downer starts off with a kick of the drum and a fiery blast of guitar, promptly joined by intense, angst-ridden vocals. Crushing guitar solos take centre stage throughout, creating a fierce, Grunge-infused swaggering rock anthem. Lately follows in the same vein, with big choruses, screaming guitars and punk-tinged vocals.

After three full force, pedal-to-the-metal tracks, closer Break Ground provides some measured relief to chill out to. Make no mistake however, this harmonious ballad may be slower-paced, but it retains the strength and passion of the previous tracks, thanks to its groove-laden, doleful melody and emotive lyrics. 

Black Hole Syndrome may be brief, but it is nevertheless a meaty offering and it’s reassuring to know that the rock scene isn’t only thriving in the UK right now, but globally too. And in case you were wondering, ‘The FullBug’ is slang for ‘Give it everything you got!’, which I’d say was a very fitting name for a band that I’ll be following with anticipation from now on.


Lavy Josephsohn (Vocals & Guitars)
Nadav Dori (Guitars & Vocals)
Alon Men (Bass)
Assaf ‘Jessi’ Dori (Drums)

Track Listing:

Blood Bath

Natural Downer


Break Ground




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