Greybeards: For The Wilder Minds – Album Review

Greybeards: For The Wilder Minds – Album Review


‘For The Wilder Minds’, the sophomore full-length release by young Swedish melodic alt-rock quartet Greybeards (ironically there’s not a grey hair, let alone grey beard, among them) is set to drop on 4th May via Altitude Recordings, coinciding with a UK tour supporting compatriots Bonafide.

Sweden can boast many successful exports: Saunas, meatballs and a certain popular brand of flat-pack furniture to name but a few. I’ve also recently discovered these delicious little Swedish cinnamon rolls that you can now get in supermarkets over here (which I’ve become a bit too partial to, but I digress…)

‘For The Wilder Minds’ is yet another example of an export that Sweden can be proud of. Kicking off with opener Fast Asleep - a track that could surely rouse anybody from their slumber – the record wastes absolutely no time in filling your lugholes with foot-stomping, fist-pumping hooks and irresistibly infectious hard rock grooves.

One In A Billion continues in a similar vein and is musically reminiscent, as are several of the tracks that follow, of something the Foo Fighters might produce. By now the scene has been well and truly set for the sonically vibrant, high energy tunes that feature on the record. A heavier, darker soundscape typifies Come Undone and the Greybeards’ already big sound is beefed up further still on the next track, Insane, with its pulverising drumbeats and layers of searing vocals.


 Beautiful Things has a spark of Green Day about it with hooks galore and an anthemic chorus that will have you singing along from the very first listening. Fierce, head-banging drumbeats make a striking return in Free, which is set to a backdrop of lively guitars and vocal harmonies. Closing track The Nerve makes its presence felt with raw energy and hard rock riffs, stadium-worthy guitar solos and pummeling drumbeats, leaving an unforgettable lasting impression.

This album can be characterised by its face-melting licks, uncomplicated but impossibly catchy choruses and atmospheric, powerhouse melodies, which serve to make this an effortlessly classic yet contemporary offering. Just like those little cinnamon rolls, the Greybeards are addictively moreish and I cannot wait to see them perform live on our shores!

Track Listing:

Fast Asleep

One In A Billion

Come Undone


Beautiful Things


You Struck Me

Cold December

Peace Of Mind

The Nerve

Greybeards are:

Olle Westlund - Vocals, guitar
Ingemar Mårtensson - Guitar
Simon Mojtahedi - Bass
Niklas Nironen – Drums

UK tour dates:

11 May - London, Underworld

12 May - Grimsby, Yardbirds

13 May - Manchester, Rebellion

15 May - York, Fibbers

16 May - Chester, Live Rooms

17 May - Glasgow, Audio

18 May - Aberdeen, Assembly

19 May - Dundee, Church

20 May - Edinburgh, Bannermans

22 May - Newcastle, Think Tank

23 May - Cardiff, Fuel

24 May - Birmingham, Flapper

26 May - Southampton, Brook







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