Metal 2 The Masses - Manchester Launch Party Review

Metal 2 The Masses - Manchester Launch Party Review


Words: Anthony Firmin & Danny Thornton | Photos: Anthony Firmin

Once more we start the year with a ‘Metal 2 The Masses’ launch party for the Manchester leg of the competition with the winner to play on the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock this summer. Well, we say summer, you can never tell in this country.

The draw is also taking place for the various heats but no-one is paying much attention to it because they can’t really hear it, or don’t really care, or a bit of both.  The only band that really gets a cheer is Frozen In Shadows so it looks like they may have won already – we shall see.

Def Goldblum are no strangers to Rebellion and are always well worth seeing, this afternoon being a really tight performance that is also loose when it needs to be as the band successfully fuse together rock, metal and hip-hop. Vocalist Duke01 has great on stage dynamics and with every song sounding different it was a great set and we look forward to seeing them again in the future.

This is Manchester.

This is Rebellion.

This is Metal 2 The Masses.

This Is Turin…

…and they are turning up the metal several brutal notches here this afternoon just as they did when we last caugh them here at Badgerfest a few months back, they impressed then and they impress now. The use of backing tracks was interesting and they come across across very professionally. Blistering stuff.

The beers and ciders are running out fast... you would have thought that Rebellion would have stocked enough for the whole weekend. Oh well, on with the music....

Manchester locals Impavidus are putting on a sterling show, Michelle’s voice is on firey form, the band delivering a well choreographed set that shows they should be higher on billings than they often are. Lies comes across with a commercial edge and is excellently served as does all their set tbh.

Local punk metallers Dead Retinas are always a joy to watch, CJ is as much the consummate front man as you could ever want - unpredictable yet ebullient and with the whole band on stellar form they rattle through their set with ease often using the floor as the stage. Denim Demon about abusive relationships was actually fun, and songs from the Divine EP they released back in November - Gold In Monochrome and You Go Glenn Coco - are rather excellent.

Hundred Year Old Man are this writers album and gig of 2018 and once more this “collective” don’t disappoint on any level this evening with their deep, dark, progressive post-metal. The pieces they perform from last years Breaching album slice through the atmosphere like a knife through cake, yet tastes both sweet and sour, as it should. A very visual show with atmospheric lights and great use of smoke. Possibly performance of the day.

It’s been a while since we last saw After The Abduction and with new band members it was time to check them out again and get slamming to some death metal. From memory musically nothing much has changed, they are still technically excellent, it’s still as fast and furious as it has always been and the reaction from the crowd is as raucous as the songs. And what songs they are: Flat Bastard, Gagged In The Arse and Cracked And Bled are all crackers that will ring in the ears for hours to come.

Manchester’s very own, most awesome Footprints In The Custard are the last band on, well we think they are, the soundcheck seems to be taking an eternity but eventually they get going with Wankclaw and Willies. Ainsley Harriott and Gail Platt get a mention too, it’s huge fun. But, we have only just got started....

The band strip, as in naked, or various degrees thereof. The singer is wearing a tutu, the kilt wearing bassist is down to a bra, and one of the guitarists is wearing a mankini! Impressive isn’t quite the word I would use as the band flail their flesh in Wasted but the word will do before they bound their collective bodies into Bouncy Castle sex and parade their pubes to Party Metal.  And they are huge fun as the bodies hit the floor to Raining Men.

And finally:
Dear Rebellion, sort your beer supply issues out – this isn’t the first time this has happened at a metal event here - and with the Manchester competition now well and truly launched it would be good if you don’t run out again!

WARNING: Some of these photographs of Footprints In The Custard will disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed!

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