In Coinversation With Monolord

In Coinversation With Monolord



The Swedes speak of their first two experiences playing Manchester and tell us two new bands to check out

The Swedes reflect on their return to Manchester in 2018, a year after headlining The Star And Garter in the wake of the Manchester Bombing. They also talk of their evolving sound and big up two rising bands you need to check out.

Interview: Phil Weller

Monolord recently played Manchester’s Rebellion with Conan earlier this year, with writer Danny Daemon claiming the Swedish act, who headlined The Star And Garter in May ‘17, stole the show. “Their sound, though thick and fuzzy like the beard of a man long lost on a desert island, was a pleasure on the ears. They smashed out a host of brilliantly written songs that appeared to deviate from the normal sludge sound and that aided them in producing something with more technical flair and ability,” Daemon wrote.

We caught up with the band for their reflections on the show and the tour as a whole…

So guys, what do you remember from your night in Manchester?

It was our second time in Manchester and we had a great tim. We have some beautiful fans there. The venue was really good and had some great people working there. We got a delivery of awesome donuts early in the evening which brought a big smile on all of us.

The tour with Conan was a short but sweet because we had done one six months earlier that was longer, but we’re really happy to see those guys when ever we get the chance.

A lot of people who were at the Manchester show seemed to prefer your set, did you sense a bigger or different crowd reaction that night compared to normal or do all the shows blend into one?

As I mentioned before, the fans in Manchester are great. The first time we played in Manchester, it was right after the attack at Manchester Arena. Everyone was quite emotional that evening. I’ll never forget that evening. So for that we have created a special bond with Manchester for sure. A lot of people wrote to us and asked if that night was canceled, but it was very clear to us that we would play that show. I felt like it was somehow an emotional release with the audience that night. And I saw many familiar faces at the show with Conan a year later.

How important is it for you guys – and also how much fun is it – touring with bands like Conan in helping to spread the gospel of Monolord?

It’s a lot fun. It’s pretty weird being on the road for long periods of time, so it’s nice to get to do that with good people like Conan. Being in the same bus for five weeks can get too much for anyone, so it helps when the touring companions are people you can trust and work with.

You’ve admitted yourselves that your new album, Rust, is a little bit of a departure from previous material, although it still contains much of the signature Monolord sound. How have the new songs been received live?

Yeah, it definitely has some new approaches to the Monolord riffs, but it also is a natural development from the earlier material so it of course sounds like us. It was pretty amazing touring after the release of Rust, because suddenly I noticed a lot of people singing along with the lyrics in places we had never been to before and to songs that were released just a month before. That was an amazing feeling.

You guys have spoken about the importance of helping out younger bands in the past, so what have you done recently to help bands out and are there any bands in particular that have really caught your eye of late?

Well lately we’ve been the younger band, while touring with Black Label Society and playing early shows at festivals like Hellfest and Resurrection Fest. But there’s always new bands coming that are cool and one can’t get enough of good music. We left for a tour in the states a few weeks after the UK tour where we played with local bands every night. Shows like that are always cool! We couldn’t wait to play with Order Of The Owl and The Death Wheelers for example.

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