Mouth In The South - Aftershock: EP Review

Mouth In The South - Aftershock: EP Review

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 Mouth In The South are launching their second release, Aftershock, at Night People on Thursday 21st June and it is an important release for the band as there has been a line-up change (Brian Heron now bangs the drums, Chris 'Chidi' Slater slaps the bass) and overall it shows the band progressing and growing.

Wearing their hearts on their sleeves the band launch straight into Live To Rock, a fast and righteous slab of 80’s style classic rock with a solid riff and distinctive vocals from Pierse Gebbia who to my ears is a cross between David Lee Roth and Rob Halford which is no mean feat.

The band manage to slow things down without compromising the heaviness on the bluesy No Shame which grooves along wonderfully.

The self titled Mouth In The South gets the EP back to the rocking and Waterfalls features a riff that was changed only a week before they hit the studio – they definitely made the right decision.

The EP was recorded at Noiseboy Studios in Salford with Chris Taylor (Lester Verde, Prognosis) twiddling the knobs so the recording of this, as you would expect, is first class.

It is a serious step up from their previous release with stronger songs, raunchier riffs along with a bigger louder sound that owes a lot to bands such as Aerosmith and Whitesnake.

This EP sounds huge all the way through, like how classic rock should sound.  Consistency is hard to achieve but Mouth In The South have certainly delivered on the next level.

Check them out at Night People on 21st June along with Over The Influence and The Sourheads.

Track Listing:

Live To Rock

No Shame

Mouth In The South



Mouth In The South consists of:

Vocals and Guitar-Piers Gebbia
Guitar-Ashli Thorne
Bass-Chris 'Chidi' Slater
Drums-Brian Heron



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