Persefone: Interview

Persefone: Interview


Words: Anthony Firmin

We talk to Carlos Lozano Quintanilla from Persefone on the eve of their performance at Be Prog! My Friend 2018 in Barcelona.

The band were in Manchester as part of the second leg of their AATHMA European tour back in April so I asked Carlos about his thoughts on our city…

When you are on tour you don’t have much chance to visit the city, we go there and prepare for the show and play; we did manage to meet some to the people in Manchester and it was very, very nice friendly people.

Overall, how did the tour go?

We did the first run of the tour last year and it went well, we were out promoting the album and afterwards we thought we could do another one.  And the people on the first tour wanted to hear more old songs from Spiritual Migration and other albums.  But this time everyone knew all the new material so it was far more intense from our point of view. 

You have the show coming up at Be Prog! My Friend in Barcelona in a weeks time, what are we likely to expect from you?

It is weird because sometimes we don’t feel that we fit into festivals because we play this music which is death metal but at the same time very progressive so when we play a festival that is death metal oriented and we take the keyboard out they like it.  But when we play progressive festival and as soon as Marc (Martins Pia) opens his mouth and starts screaming they are like what the f**k is that!  So we are just going to play to the best of our capabilities with all those beautiful bands and translate the music a bit to the people we are going to play to, and start the festival in a good mood and put everyone in a mood for the rest of the bands.

The band are going to be playing in North America and hitting Mexico, Canada and the USA in the late summer…

Yes we are heading there for the very first time and we are very excited.  When we started the band we never thought we would be able to visit the US or any of these kind of festivals so we are happy with a sense of fulfilment, to play your music to people that far away is something beautiful

On their last album Paul Masvidal co-wrote An Infinitesimal Spark and Living Waves so I asked Carlos what was it like working with Paul Masvidal and how did the collaboration come about?

It was pretty natural, we are musicians and we are fans of music as well, for inspirations and people we admire and Paul was one of them. In 2013 we played at a festival in Germany and his band Cynic were on the bill as well.  We met Paul and we started talking to him so when we began work on AATHMA and it’s themes of spirituality we thought he would be interested in putting some of his insight and music on the new album as he is into that and meditation, it was very smooth to work with him as he is such a beautiful human being.

Andorra doesn’t have much of a metal history so do you feel that you are flying the flag for Andorran metal?

Yes it is a small and tiny country and sure we have other metal bands, there is one called Nami who support us a lot.  When I go to the grovery store and this woman asks me about my heavy metal band “I don’t like the music but I am really happy you are doing all that stuff all over the world with the Andorran flag on it”, they don’t really understand what we do but they are happy for us.

How would you describe yourselves to those who don’t know of Persefone?

We are six friends who make music and are having a lot of fun, we don’t have that mean heavy metal expression on our faces when we play.  But overall we are friends and we love each other and when we play live we want the people to have a good time listening to the music whilst we are onstage having a good time too.

And with that we wish Carlos and Persefone all the best and hope they have a great Be Prog! My Friend.

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