River Becomes Ocean at the Eagle Inn: Live Review

River Becomes Ocean at the Eagle Inn: Live Review


Words: Danny Thornton and Anthony Firmin | Photos: Anthony Firmin

It has been a while since I have been to the Eagle Inn in Salford and it is a great little music venue, the horrendous parking situation needs sorting though, less of our whining and on with the review…

Opening the evening are Yorkshire/Lancashire's own Honeyspider, who play an interesting and variable set, channelling elements of The Smiths at times with clean intricate guitar work and reverb drenched vocals, they are not afraid of getting heaver at points and their more riff heavy songs provide a nice contrast. The onstage banter between the band members is also a nice touch and put the crowd at ease although they are seemingly squashed amongst all the gear on the tiny stage - only just enough room to swing a honey spider. Stand out songs were their new single The Worlds Smallest Violin, and Cogs, a song which blends Smashing Pumpkins riffs and Deftones influenced vocals into something that sounded unique and interesting.

World's Smallest Violin - video:  https://youtu.be/xUMTk9zQKUU

Cogs – video: https://youtu.be/JuijkK1iqJA

Facebook - facebook.com/honeyspider 

Bandcamp - Honeyspider.bandcamp.com

Spotify - open.spotify.com/artist/3dBbNAl4jfn9zfcuZJuTyo?si=00PZmocZRvmYNRr6Vlm4RQ

Due to sickness House Of Wolvxs had to pull out so next local pop rockers Wanderlust hit the stage, providing a stark contrast to the previous band with their polished and well structured sound. They have a great singer who projects their well thought out pop and soul melodies while the band lay the musical foundation which impresses greatly. The drummer and keyboardist adding just the right amount of depth, and the guitar player complimenting the vocal melodies at times, and at others letting rip with some really tasty David Gilmour/Guthrie Govan style solos. New song It’s My Life with its repetitive guitar lick is excellent and they finish with a funky and infectious Just The Same gets the feet tapping. They are a talented bunch (even if they are somewhat anonymous – who are this band?) and we look forward to hearing and seeing where they take their song writing and performances from here.

FaceBook: wearewanderlust.uk/

SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/wanderlustuk

YouTube: youtube.com/watch?v=Xmb_b9jeu0I

Instagram: @wearewanderlust_

Finally we get alt-rockers River Becomes Ocean who are riding the crest of a wave following the release of their new album and they are in the middle of a tour to support it visiting Manchester for the first time.
The stage quickly becomes too small for their high energy antics with their bassist moving into the audience often joined by singer Marvin McMahon. And that energy and enthusiasm is as infectious as influenza, just a lot more enjoyable.  They certainly make a statement of intent by starting with This Hell Is Heaven Sent and You Said from the excellent new album, A Motion Paralysed.

The music is tight all the way through the set as the band are on incredible form, and they successfully embody samples into the music too, often as intro’s, which embellishes the overall sound.

Facebook: facebook.com/pg/RiverBecomesOcean

Website: riverbecomesocean.com

Instagram: riverbecomesocean

Twitter: twitter.com/TheOfficialRBO






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