REECE - Ignitied: Album Review

REECE - Ignitied: Album Review

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Hot on the heels of the success of their 2016 debut EP ‘Noisebox’, REECE, the melodic rock trio hailing from South Wales, released their first full-length studio album, ‘Ignited’, on 27th October 2017 and recently took to the road for a ten date ‘Spring Ignited Tour’ to promote the new record.

The album-titled track was the first single to be released towards the end of last year and the second single, Hold On, was play-listed by Planet Rock and Total radio. Meanwhile, across the pond, Boston Rock Radio became the first American radio station to put the forthcoming single Falling Down (which is due to be released on 22nd June) on rotation.

The album follows an ebb and flow of varying tempo and intensity, culminating in a melting pot of key rock, pop and prog ingredients, combining hooky rhythms, anthemic choruses and harmonious vocals, interspersed with searing guitar solos. The album houses unrebellious, feel-good rock songs that sit at the lighter end of the spectrum.

From opener Save Us, an upbeat, vibrant track that jumps out at you, starting suddenly and ending just as abruptly, to edgier tracks such as Ignited, the funky Falling Down and the sharp military drumbeat opening of Out Of Nowhere, the album presents a diverse melange of styles.

Rock ballad territory is well and truly entered with tracks like Painless, incorporating the big choruses and sizzling guitar solos that REECE are so good at. The aforementioned Hold On is one of the catchiest songs on the album (and there are a fair few contenders), with an unexpected Ska rhythm cleverly mixing things up in the middle.

When Messenger gets going I’m reminded of Tax The Heat, due to a similar riff structure in the chorus, whilst the closest the record comes to a love song lies in Lost In Translation, a charming acoustic track reminiscent this time of Extreme (think More Than Words), especially in the harmonic vocal arrangements towards the end.

Meltdown is a real foot-tapper and out of all the songs on the album, this is probably the one I’d most like to see performed live. However, my favourite track has to be the smooth closer Wasteland, a thoroughly enjoyable rock ballad that has an epic sound and a touch of Bon Jovi about it. The recurrent lyrics echo as the melody drifts into a fading coda… Well, it seems even a hard-rockin’ rebel needs to indulge their softer side sometimes.


REECE are:

Rob Reece (Vocals & Bass Guitar)
Jon Davies (Guitars & Backing Vocals)
Russ Rogers (Drums & Percussion)


Track Listing:

Save Us

Falling Down


Hold On


Lost In Translation



Out Of Nowhere










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