Interview With Tasha D. of Smoking Martha

Interview With Tasha D. of Smoking Martha

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 Words: Anne Estella

Hailing from Brisbane, Aussie rockers Smoking Martha are due to release their debut album, ‘In Deep’, via Bad Reputation Records on 9th November and will be taking it on the road for a 14-date UK-wide tour. Singer Tasha D. took time out of her busy schedule to talk to us about the new record, upcoming tour and future plans.

How long did it take to write and record ‘In Deep’ and what are your favourite songs on it?

‘In deep’ is a collection of songs written together over a few years! We recorded it in two separate lots, we actually went into the studio to record a 5-track EP but after a few really successful days working with the producer we realised we wanted to turn it into an album. We finished the five tracks in two weeks and then booked in for another two weeks a few months later. My favourite songs on the album are So Lonely, Baby Let Me Go and Follow. I just feel these songs really took shape in the recording process and I love how they turned out!

What was the reason for recording Baby Let Me Go acoustically and what’s the meaning behind the lyrics?

This track is very close to my heart. We wrote it acoustically a little while ago, it was my way of dealing with death and finally letting go. It felt right to keep it acoustic, we added string instruments by guest instrumentalist Chris Carmichael from Stonehurst Studios to bring out the true emotion of the song.

Who are your musical influences? Do all the members of your band share similar tastes in music?

We have all been influenced by classic rock growing up, but we each have pretty different musical tastes, which I guess explains our diverse blend of rock. I am heavily influenced by women in rock and blues, in particular vocalists who express true, almost vulnerable emotion within their lyrics and voice, but are strong and demanding in performance.

What is the biggest gig you’ve played to date?

The biggest was probably supporting Seether in Brisbane - hopefully Hard Rock Hell in Wales will match it!

If you could headline at any venue in any city in the world, where would it be and which two bands would you have supporting you?

The Hollywood Bowl in L.A. with the Baby Animals and Queens Of The Stone Age.

You’ve been confirmed to play at this year’s Hard Rock Hell (HRH), do you have any other UK festival appearances in the pipeline?

We are so pumped for HRH! Not at this stage, but hopefully more next year!

What are your plans for 2019? Will you be writing, recording, touring?

All of the above! We are currently working on our next album, so recording and hopefully touring the UK and EU again with the new release!

We’ve just had another Aussie rock band, Massive, in the UK touring with The Rocket Dolls and they went down a storm! Do you think the Australian rock scene is making its mark on the world stage?

Massive are an awesome band! I think most of us in Oz have grown up listening to and following some of the greatest rock bands in history, which has inspired us to follow and also live out our rock ‘n’ roll dreams.

What’s the local music scene like in Brisbane?

Brisbane’s music scene is strong, we have a ton of awesome bands in every genre of rock and everyone is really supportive!

How do you feel about being described as a ‘female fronted band’? Does it annoy you or do you embrace it?

I definitely embrace it! As a female amongst ridiculously talented males I feel empowered and inspired.

Smoking Martha will be supporting Idlewar at Gullivers NQ in Manchester on 22nd November.


UK Tour dates:

9th Nov - The Wheatsheaf, OXFORD
10th Nov - Hard Rock Hell (HRH)
11th Nov - Waterloo, BLACKPOOL
15th Nov - The Railway, IPSWICH
16th Nov - Salutation Inn, NOTTINGHAM
17th Nov - The Globe, GLOSSOP
18th Nov - The Patriot, NEWPORT
21st Nov - Trillians, NEWCASTLE
22nd Nov – Gullivers, MANCHESTER
23rd Nov - Woolpack Live, DONCASTER
24th Nov - Black Mass, WAKEFIELD
25th Nov - Ivory Blacks, GLASGOW
29th Nov - The Flapper, BIRMINGHAM
30th Nov - The Black Heart, LONDON

Smoking Martha is:

Tasha D. - Vocals
Mick Broome - Guitar
Matty Mulheran - Bass
Jordy Poynter - Drums



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