Tail Feather, RedRooms and Constantine @ Gullivers

Tail Feather, RedRooms and Constantine @ Gullivers

With their Floyd-esque soundscapes and CSN&Y harmonies Tail Feather are an interesting propostion live.  Anthony Firmin witnesses and reports on space travel, red apples and ultimately their proginess at Gullivers!

Constantine were already in full flow when I arrived, pumping out their new wave/punk tunes.  For an early band there seemed to be quite a few people watching them which is promising and they got a good response from those there.  The band have a free EP that they are currently giving out at gigs but I forgot to pick one up, maybe next time. 



After an enforced absence due to commitments such as University, RedRooms are back and raring to go according to singer Thy Jaffa.  They put in a solid performance tonight with their early 80’s indie rock that has a distinctive Manchester edge, sometimes mournful, sometimes funky.  The crowd were certainly into them and the band performed their first ever, and well deserved encore.  Check out their material on Soundcloud, they are definitely worth a listen.



I had been looking forward to the main band, Tail Feather, for some time after they had got in touch asking me to come down and review the show.  Unfortunately the crowd had thinned somewhat by the time they came on (shame on them for not sticking around), and what a treat they missed. 

The band open with Mother Nature and Spellbinder, the songs are heavier live but still retain that psychedelic quality.  With it’s funky beat Carnation follows and the band are clearly getting into their groove as the harmonies tighten.

This is only the second date of the tour and they are already thinking about healthy eating as Red Apples introduces a lighter, slower feel before returning to the funky psychedelia with Alright Alright.  The band work well together with no one instrument dominating as it is all about the overall sound, even the solos are understated.

Unexpected technical difficulties result in an impromptu latin-jazz/funk-rock interlude which is impressive after which they attempt to leave the planet with the celestial Space Travel, again with great harmonies and an early Deep Purple feel to it with a slow bluesy start as it segues into a Pink Floyd Echoes type of rock jam.  For me this is the key song in the set as the band move into solid prog territory.

Last song of the evening is Rain Dance, another slow bluesy number with more Floyd themes but this time borrowing from Dark Side Of The Moon, with it’s light, floaty, echoey guitar, subtle electric piano along with bass and drums which are “just there”.

The long form nature of the last two songs adds weight to landing them in the Prog genre (I had previously called them psychedelic popsters) and with such a high quality performance I cannot wait to see them again.  Check them out!





Introducing - The Shogun’s Decapitator

Introducing - The Shogun’s Decapitator

Tail Feather - Preview

Tail Feather - Preview