Telepathy: Interview

Telepathy: Interview


We sat down with Teddy-James Driscoll, bass player with Telepathy, following their ArcTangent festival set where they played an absolute blinder… but just don’t take my word for it, how did the band think it went?
It was awesome, a very comfortable setup for us with a nice big stage which meant we could move around a lot, it was wicked.

And it was loud, I had to leave the tent for a few minutes and it was so loud outside too, everyone was paying attention - they could hardly fail to.
The sound engineer said “do you have any specific mix requirements” and we said just make it as loud as possible and he obviously did.

The band played at Dunk Festival in Belgium, amongst some trees, it looked to be a really interesting and rather inspiring place to play, the videos you posted looked fantastic?
It was a very similar setup and vibe to this festival, ArcTanGent, the backdrop was quite incredible with the forest and it was all downhill towards the stage, like a big natural auditorium, so everyone could see.  And again we played really well and the people were very responsive to it - it was the perfect setup for us.  We had been trying to get on that festival for 3 years and eventually they said yes and they put us as headliner on the second stage.
Club shows are our bread and butter, that’s what we do, but it is always a privilege to play those kind of festivals as it gets you out to a bigger audience, but Dunkfest was a landmark show for us - we had our own sound guy too which made a big difference there.

Telepathy’s last album came out in March 2017 and Telepathy are known as an instrumental band but there was track with vocals on it, what was the thinking behind it?
It was an idea when I first joined the band that I wanted to toy with and that song literally came out of a jam that we did, we set up a mic and put on some reverb through it and doing that song I put some vocals over it.  We then decided that we were going to do the song with vocals and use them more as an instrument rather than it being a focal point.  It was sounding good and we decided to make it the centrepiece of the album as well to illustrate what the album was about because it was a concept record.  It also opens up other avenues for us to go with the next record so we can do it more or we can do it less, so it gives us options.

ManchesterRocks editor, Phil Weller, said to mention Toto to you (the band burst into guffaws of laughter)…
We love Toto, there is just something about them chips in drummer Albert Turek, Ted continues in Colchester we have a pretty thriving rock party scene and at the end of the evening 80’s singalong tunes would be played that everyone could sing along to when they were absolutely hammered, Toto being one of them.

Have you heard the metal version of Africa by Leo Moracchioli? Jamie Lenman also does a kind of punky metal version of Rosanna too!
The Weezer version of Africa is great, we just love Toto!

So what are the future plans for Telepathy?
Right now we are writing record number three, we are planning on going into the studio early next year, it will happen at some point, we just need to put the work in and make it happen.  And when it comes out we will tour again and push it as hard as we can, it will be another two years on the road.  Since Tempest came out we have done almost 100 shows across Europe and the UK.  Oh, and Jamie Gomez Arellano is going to produce the next album, he worked with us on our first album and has worked with Oranssi Pazuzu too.

The future certainly looks bright for Telepathy and we are already looking forward to hearing the new release.

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