The Howling Tides - Debut EP: Review

The Howling Tides - Debut EP: Review


On 29th June, Midlands-based classic blues rockers The Howling Tides released their self-titled debut EP, coinciding with a launch show at The Underground in Stoke-on-Trent, with good friends These Wicked Rivers and Almost Easy playing support.

This EP, which was recorded and mixed at Superfly Studios and produced by the British Blues Rock legend Aynsley Lister, marks something of a new beginning for the young quartet, who previously went under the moniker Anonymous. The band released an EP in 2017 entitled What You Deserve under their former name, but have since gone through a complete rebranding for several reasons, one of which was due to inadvertently being mistaken for the international ‘hacktivist’ group of the same name.

Straight out of the gates with opener Cheap Painkiller, singer Rob Baynes’ powerful and gritty vocals shine through right from the outset. There’s some ballsy, bluesy riffage and a very sleek and tasty guitar solo contributing to the track’s adrenaline-fueled attitude. Next up, Death By Exile is a straightforward and catchy, groove-laden song featuring full-throttle crunchy guitars and a solid rhythm section, keeping everything nice and tight.

Making an appearance in the middle of the EP, He Told Me is probably the record’s most notable anthem. The track, which exudes a raw, oil-stained deep Southern twang, is packed with sizzling guitars and potent, feisty vocals, making this a real crowd-pleaser that delivers the goods in spades.

Penultimate song Crack My Soul is a no-nonsense, thunderous track that’s full of explosive energy and emotion, leading a blazing trail into the steady-paced hard hitting closer, Running Blind. The forceful finale is brimming with big sing-along choruses, pounding drums and fuzzy guitars, creating an intense wall of sound that really packs a punch, drawing this well constructed, succinct opus to a satisfying conclusion.


Rob Baynes (Vocals/Guitar)
Hayden Kirk (Guitar/Vocals)
Luke Lawley (Bass/Vocals) 
Steven 'Herbie' Herbert (Drums)


Track Listing:

Cheap Painkiller

Death By Exile

He Told Me

Crack My Soul

Running Blind




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