The Sourheads: Care Plan For The Soul - Album Review

The Sourheads: Care Plan For The Soul - Album Review


In 2016 Wakefield-based alt-rock quartet The Sourheads wrote their debut album ‘Care Plan For The Soul’, which was mastered by esteemed producer Pete Maher (The Rolling Stones, Depeche Mode, U2). In the Spring of 2017 the band signed with Oak Island Records, an imprint of cult German label Kozmik Artifactz and the album was released worldwide on 17th November 2017 on Vinyl, CD and digitally.

What’s evident on listening to this fast-paced record, is the plethora of musical influences, both classic and modern, that must have inspired it and the myriad of genres that it encompasses. Some of the tracks fit quite nearly into the punk n’ roll category, whilst others, such as Power Of Addiction, have a decidedly Doors-esque sound. Take one look at The Sourheads’ larger than life, swaggering frontman Jake Coxon and it’s not hard to see why he’s been described as ‘the bastard son of Iggy Pop and Jim Morrison’!

The nine tracks, often sinister in tone, deal with wide-ranging subject matter, such as choosing your own personal vices (Demon), inner despair and depression (Morally High), self-medication and self-destruction (My Roll n’ Roll), burning the candle at both ends and not wanting to slow down (Power Of Addiction) and selling your soul to the devil for material desires (Rag and Bone Man).

Rag and Bone Man is introduced by way of a sharp military-style drumbeat that continues throughout the track. The same distinctive rhythm also makes appearances further down the record, including on the next track, Don’t Get Caught (I Am The Lotus), a song about the battle between confidence and temptation, that are both part and parcel of being a musician in a touring rock n’ roll band.

Proceedings are brought to a satisfying conclusion with the slow-burning hard-hitter Mad Dog, lending an edgy, uber-punky finale to a quality, classic rock album. Ultimately, ‘Care Plan For The Soul’ is raucous, self-assured and packed with searing tunes and fuzzy, dirty rock guitars. The Sourheads are definitely a band you’ll want to see perform live… Now that would be good for the soul.

Track listing:

  1. Demon
  2. Morally High
  3. My Rock n’ Roll
  4. Power of Addiction
  5. Rag and Bone Man
  6. Don’t Get Caught (I Am the Lotus)
  7. Secret Cigarette
  8. Warbird
  9. Mad Dog

The Sourheads are:

  • Jake Coxon - Vocals
  • Mik Crone - Guitar
  • Ben Taylor - Bass 
  • Chris Lambert - Drums 


Twitter: @the_sourheads


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