Primordial Presents: Those Damn Crows With Ravenface, As Sirens Fall And Sertraline At Rebellion: Live Review

Primordial Presents: Those Damn Crows With Ravenface, As Sirens Fall And Sertraline At Rebellion: Live Review


Words: Anne Estella

On the hottest day of the year so far, a murder of crows (if you didn’t know, that’s the collective noun for a group of crows) flocked from South Wales, to the sunny climes of Manchester. Not just any old crows… these Bridgend bad birds had just returned from a barnstorming performance at Download Festival, where they obliterated the stage of a packed out Dogtooth tent that was literally bursting at the seams. And with the announcement that the band would be the Friday night headliners at Planet Rock’s Winters End 2020, Primordial Radio welcomed Those Damn Crows to Manchester to headline their charity event, raising valuable funds for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation and Manchester Mind.

Leading the four-act lineup were the progressive, melodic metal five-piece, Sertraline, fronted by Lizzie Parry. Although the show started at 7pm, the room was already filling up and those who arrived early had the pleasure of witnessing Sertraline threaten to dislodge the fixtures and fittings of the newly refurbished Rebellion club. With long blonde hair, white sporty socks and trainers and casual black T-shirt and cycling shorts, Parry may have had the look of an off-duty cheerleader, but when she opened her mouth, the crowd was practically blown away by the sheer ferocity of her fearsome growl!

It felt like I was watching a Jekyll and Hyde character come to life before my very eyes – one moment calm, sweet and innocent - the next a monster who eats children for breakfast (maybe that’s taking it too far, but you get the idea)! The Leeds/Manchester-based outfit put on a beguiling performance and the crowd thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the set, which included the band’s latest single, Relapse. Despite a near collision at one point between Parry and her left-hand ‘string twangler’ Mike Hawkings, the tight and powerful performance ended (without incident) with a live debut of the brand new and as yet unrecorded track, Mean To Me II. The band clearly made an indelible impression on the audience, who will definitely remember the name, Sertraline.

Sertraline are:

Lizzie Parry - Vocals
Mike Hawkings - Guitar
Tom Wilson - Guitar
Dan ‘Hendo’ Henderson - Bass
Si Douglas - Drums





I Admit The Blame

Mean To Me

Mean To Me II



I could already tell from As Sirens Fall’s soundcheck, that frontman Mikey Lord was going to be a real character. The way he belted out the “one, two, one, twos” immediately caught my attention and I had a good feeling that we’d be in for something special from him.  Just before the band came on, Stewart Lucas, a representative from Manchester Mind (and fellow diehard metalhead), came up onto the stage to say a few words about the charity and about mental health and wellbeing. He echoed words that anyone who’s been to a Hollowstar show will have heard Joe Bonson iterate, about the importance of talking, listening, and being a good friend to those who are going through emotionally tough times in their lives.

The stage was under the spell of thick, smoky darkness until thumping drumbeats cut through the silence and the musicians were drenched in glaring red light. The pop rock quintet from Keighley roared into action, led from the front by their confident vocalist, whose charisma and stage presence reminded me very much of one Adam Lambert. The self-assured performance was full of energy and drama - Lord swung his mic by its cable while ginger-bearded bassist Jason Doveston appeared to be having the time of his life, jumping up and down to the band’s hard-hitting, foot-stomping rhythms, as the contagion spread like wildfire to the rest of the band and audience members alike.

As Sirens Fall are:

Mikey Lord - Vocals

Adam Doveston - Guitar

Will Truby – Guitar

Jason Doveston - Bass

Bailey Roper - Drums


Like Vultures

Where You Are


She Runs With The Wolves

State Of The Artist




Ravenface were the last band to play before Those Damn Crows took to the stage and a palpable sense the excitement (and impatience) was building as the main attraction drew ever closer. The Blackpool four–piece played a six-song set which kicked off with their single Fighters and featured tracks from their 2018 album ‘Breathe Again’, including In Time, in Sight, Tyrants and Kings, as well as the record’s title track. James Denton’s aggressive vocals coped very well with the frequent sonic switches between melodic alt-rock and metalcore, but by this time in the proceedings, and in spite of their popularity and appeal, there was only one band on everybody’s mind…

Ravenface are:

James Denton - Vocals
Jack Ormond-Prout – Guitar / Vocals 
Adam Dowd - Bass
Cameron Spence - Drums



Breathe Again

In Time, in Sight

Beneath The Tides

Tyrants and Kings

Be Silent



It’s virtually impossible to have a conversation about the fastest rising acts on the UK’s vibrant New Wave Of Classic Rock scene, without one band cropping up without fail… Those Damn Crows!  The atmosphere at Rebellion was one of true community spirit - we were all there through a shared love of kickass live music and it was the sort of evening where people happily sparked up conversations with the strangers around them. We were like one big caring, sharing rock ‘n’ roll family, which was very much the ethos of the charity event and totally in keeping with the community values of the event organisers, Primordial Radio.

The eagerly awaited high octane set opened with new song Who Did It, followed by guaranteed crowd-pleaser Don’t Give A Damn, from the band’s acclaimed debut album, ‘Murder And The Motive’. Longtime Dead magically morphed into The Who’s Pinball Wizard, and the all-killer set seemed to flash by in the Blink Of An Eye (see what I did there)! Beaming down at the euphoric crowd, frontman Shane Greenhall hollered, “It’s good to see you Manchester! Holy shit, you sound almost as good as us!”

As one stunning song melted into the next, it was hard to pick out a highlight, although it has to be said the superb Behind These Walls went down an absolute storm! The whole band performed together like a well-oiled machine - their unique and unmistakable identity firmly stamped on their groove-laden, fist-pumping tunes. As the end of the set neared, the crowd began chanting the lyrics of modern rock anthem Rock n Roll Ain’t Dead between songs, in hopeful anticipation. But that gem was saved for last, by which time the audience would probably have simultaneously combusted had they not been granted the opportunity of singing the chorus back to the band at the top of their lungs!

“What a crowd, what a night! We’ll see you again real soon!” shouted an elated frontman, before a chorus of “’Cause we are Those Damn Crows!” was merrily sung as a parting gesture. This murder of crows totally killed it tonight. As one member of the audience wisely said to another, “It’s great that we got to see them here, because they won’t be playing small venues for long!”

Those Damn Crows are:

Shane Greenhall - Vocals

Ian 'Shiner' Thomas - Guitar

David Winchurch – Guitar

Lloyd Wood – Bass

Ronnie Huxford - Drums


Who Did It

Don’t Give A Damn

Longtime Dead

Someone Someday

Fear Of The Broken

The Fighter

Seven Days

Behind These Walls

Blink Of An Eye


Going Down

Rock n Roll Ain’t Dead


Watch my interview with Those Damn Crows’ Shane and Ronnie:

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