UFU / Morass of Molasses at the Star and Garter

UFU / Morass of Molasses at the Star and Garter

The Star and Garter has traditionally been used as a punk venue but there are more rock and metal now gigs taking place there and this evening we witness another show promoted by Up From Under.

First up are Manchester band Gaul who I had never heard of before and are your archetypal heavy rock band.  Solid and heavy, slower at times almost verging on doom, the crowd responds well as they are fairly impressive.



Sigiriya, who have come up from South Wales for this show continue the deep heavy sounds having a distinctive Soundgarden vibe going on as well as also drifting into doom at times.  The Mountain Goat which they introduce as “…cos we like mountains with goats on them” (cue Welsh sheep jokes) is a solid piece of rock with a driving bass that will see the animals running for the hills. 

By the end of their set songs like Empire and Mantis show the band at their best as they had loosened up considerably.  They are recording an album this year and judging by this performance it should be a cracker.


Like a tank coming over the Pennines, Hull based Battalions are charging through their set, each song like a shell being fired, tearing the audience apart. Moonburn off the new album ups the tempo, the guitar/bass combo has some serious tone to it, so much so my chest is vibrating – refer back to the tank and you get the idea.

They then hit the heavy groove button - Gods Country is a monster and Shit Stormtroopers hits you like a sledgehammer.  Such a great band, seriously heavy and impressive stuff.


Morass of Molasses should need no introduction to readers of this blog as they are popular with Manchester rock audiences plying their heavy, doomy, sludgey sound.  The band are also on a high with their new album These Paths We Tread being released the day before.  The Sabbathy sounding Maenads, about dancing naked witches, sets the tone.  The band are out to have lots of fun and it shows, they are really enjoying themselves.

The only downside is the lewd and crude between song banter which is unnecessary and uncalled for... and they could have fitted in another song.



The evening is a huge success, a great voyage of discovery as three of the bands are new to me and all of them are on seriously good form.  Well done to Cat and Up From Under for putting on another top event.


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