We Signal Fire, LowLives, Peur, Sertraline & Soldato - Club Academy

We Signal Fire, LowLives, Peur, Sertraline & Soldato - Club Academy


Five distinctive bands unite for one hell of an evening

Words: Armins Stepanjans

Last Saturday Night Academy proved that Manchester does indeed rock by showcasing some of its finest. It was particularly enjoyable how all of the bands created their unique sound by playing with elements of pop or metal on top of an alternative rock foundation, providing interesting deviations from the theme of the night. This, except for the rainbow disco at the intermissions, created a flowing atmosphere throughout the night, with a distinct style from each band.

Soldato rewarded the few early birds, with instrumentals comparable to those of Grateful Dead at Royal Blood tempo delivered with fierceness of Type O Negative. Additionally, it was particularly interesting to see how all of Soldato’s songs have a clear start and finish, which adds a sense of completeness to their work.

For more - https://www.facebook.com/soldatoband/

Sertraline continued the relay race by deploying a rich melodic arsenal, ranging from catchy pop guitars to deadly growls. However, Sertaline’s ability to compose this range of techniques into a seamless miniature progression within each of their songs was the factor that set them apart. The end product was a multifaceted musical experience that satisfies every bit of my megalomaniac cravings.

For more - https://www.facebook.com/WeAreSertraline/

Afterwards, Peur kept the night going by switching between the messiness of Joy Division and the rhythmicality of The Drums and a hint of Acid Mothers Temple distortion. While I found the breadth of tonality within the band’s performance interesting, for me Peur’s work lacks the structure present within the night's previous artists.

For more - https://www.facebook.com/PeurOfficial/

Which brings us to the penultimate performance of the night, Lowlives. I would think of them as something like Queens of The Stone Age, that has twice the energy and from to time inserts, Nirvana like, grungy riffs into their repertoire. Although at the first glance their music feels purely chaotic, eventually each piece of the jigsaw combines into a masterful composition that resonates strong emotions with the crowd and myself.

For more - https://www.facebook.com/wearelowlives/

Finally, We Signal Fire, the title band of the evening performed. Although some of their songs sound like those of a typical 00s pop rock band, where they begin taking risks is when the harmonic symbiosis between skillful instrumentals and multiple vocal approach truly shows. Occasionally the band interrupts this calamitous idyll with screaming vocals, aggressive drums and punchy guitars, however each time We Signal Fire does so, they slowly bring the listener back to the harmonic backbone of their music. Because of this, to me We Signal Fire appeared slightly too polished, especially as compared to the raw sounds of the other bands, during this evening, however, whether it’s an effect or a defect is a matter of perspective. 

For more - https://www.facebook.com/wesignalfire/

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